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Discover Petsy’s Latest Arrivals: Click Here
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    April 12, 2024

    5 Yummy Summer Foods for Dogs

    Scorching temperatures are around the corner, and your furry pal is sure to feel the heat too. If you’re wondering, “how to cool my dog down?”, you’re not alone in this query. Many pet parents are confused about what dogs...

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  • caring for pets during summer
    April 3, 2024

    Beat the heat - Summer care tips for pets

    Keeping pets cool in the summer might need a little extra care during the scorching summer months to ensure their health and well-being. As temperatures soar, pets are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses such as heatstroke, dehydration, and burnt paw...

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    February 26, 2024

    Create a cat-friendly environment for your new feline friend

    Kittens are extremely curious and energetic animals with boundless energy. Creating a safe and enriching environment at home will cater to your kitten’s playful side, provide much needed physical and mental stimulus, and positively impact their health and development for...

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What other pet parents have to say about Petsy!

I needed the delivery in 1 day as it was for my fur baby's girlfriend and they sent it in less than 12 hrs. They even added free gift along with my order with a personal note for the birthday girl and beautiful gift box. This was a complete 'wow factor'. Keep it going guys!!

Apurva Gupte

The delivery time was phenomenal, we didn’t expect it to come the same day and customised.
The products are beautiful so is the quality❤️
Not forgetting the packaging which is the most important part
I personally loved that the most
Thank you petsy for the amazing products 🎁❤️

Hazel Sequeira

Petsy is your go to for your pets needs, if you are from Mumbai this is just a win-win situation. Pro - same day delivery if you order before 1pm and you live in Mumbai Metropolitan area. Their Membership program is a bomb, where else do you earn points as you keep shopping. Their customer service is such a plus point, for example on Amazon or any other website you have no option to check for the expiry, and Petsy will totally help you with this.

Andrea Luis

We became pet parents recently and we came across Petsy - our lifesaver. It's so easy to find products and they support us on all our queries we have. It's made looking after Max so easy!

Vicky Khatwani

Petsy is the best online store for your pets!! They’re so kind and so professional that they truly understand the gravity of your problem and act upon it immediately!! 100 on 10 to them!♥️

Priyanka Vyas

The most amazing customer service one could ask for.
I was running out of food for my puppy and it wasn't available anywhere in Mumbai - my amazon order was delayed as well. She's a fussy eater and rejects all other food, so you can imagine how stressful that could be. I found it on Petsy and upon request they expedited the order and delivered it within 5 hours. Simply outstanding !

Khyati Mashru

Unbelievably fast! I placed an order late at night and it was delivered in the morning... That's when I decided to chuck Amazon for buying all my pet products!! Undoubtedly my first 'go to' place...!

Viral Shah

I loved the service and products provided by Petey. They give amazing discounts on almost all products and the products are always delivered with utmost care with good packaging. Keep up the good work guys :)

Aishwarya S

I have ordered from them before but today they surpassed every expectation. I placed an order at 10/11 in the morning and I received it by 4 in the afternoon. Granted it was an intracity delivery, but the fact that they went ahead and made an express delivery, most companies won't because of processes and what not, even during a lock down, was just incredible. My dogs were elated to see their new toys and I know just where to go now to get anything for my little puppers. The item received were in excellent condition, properly packaged and the service is honestly the best I've experienced so far. Let's not forget how socially conscious Petsy is. I would've given them more stars if I could, instead I send love and lots and lots of gratitude from me and my dogs.

Rutuja Pawar

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