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Now that you'll get back to work, how to prepare your dog to be alone at home again?

Now that you'll get back to work, how to prepare your dog to be alone at home again?

Have you invited a new furry baby into your family? Or spent so much time with your pet after a long time? It’s justified for you to be worried about leave dog home alone while you have to report to work. Your dog may get lonely or anxious in the beginning, but Petsy is here to share some tips while you adjust to the new normal, to make sure this change is gradual and slow for your pet and you. 

Start Leaving Your Dog Alone

It’s necessary to remember that getting used to leave dog home alone is a slow process. Start by distracting them and leaving them alone for a few minutes while you go in another room. This helps them adapt to it and not make the change seem sudden for them. When you leave them alone, notice their behavior. When you return, they may follow you around the house or be clingy which might be due to separation anxiety. Don’t make a sudden change to their surroundings by leaving them for longer hours, start slow and let your pet have enough time to adapt to this transition. 

Determining factors before you leave your dog alone

Make sure your place is completely safe for your dog to be left alone with windows being inaccessible to them, no human food items, medicines or supplements lying around, no hazardous objects etc. As you may not be supervising your dog, it’s important to make sure that the environment is safe and secure. If you are leaving dog home alone while at work, determine for how long can a dog stay home alone. Don’t force them to stay alone for long periods of time. Determine their behavior and habits when you leave them alone for a short time and make an informed decision accordingly. 

Exercise and Entertainment

Make arrangements for your dog to stay entertained and engaged while you are away.  Keep their toys around, teach them new tricks, hire a dog walker for regular walks to new routes as they'll analyse those places and be busy. Don’t forget to leave enough food, water and treats for your dog. In addition, a slow feeder bowl is an excellent way to slow down your dog’s eating habits, keeping them occupied for longer and encouraging mental stimulation. Leaving a dog home alone may come as a challenge when they react unusually. The best is to consult an expert if you need guidance on how your dog may need special assistance when you leave them alone at home.