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Petsy's Checklist To Find Your Trusted Vet

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Petsy's checklist to find your trusted vet
Petsy's checklist to find your trusted vet

Petsy's Checklist To Find Your Trusted Vet

Est. 3 min read

Finding a vet to care for your pet’s well-being can sometimes be as simple as a first time hit with an amazing referral or as challenging as jumping from clinic to clinic in search of the perfect match.


Why does your relationship with your vet matter?

You need to trust your vet to take care of your pet, and so does your pet. You need to feel secure with your vet, and so does your pet. It might not always be comfortable, or the most fun experience, but at the back of your mind, you need to know your vet has got you and your pet’s back. You need to be confident that your vet will be compassionate with your pet and understand your pet. It’s that level of authenticity that matters. One day its check-ups and vaccines, and another day it might be a completely different story. It might be a disease, or injury. During those ‘other’ times, you want to know your vet is there to give your pet the best care possible, because your vet cares.

Petsy's checklist to find your trusted Vet

  1. Specialities or certifications:

Does the vet have any additional specialities or certifications? Does the clinic offer any additional therapies for pets e.g. acupuncture, feeding and nutrition guides etc

2. Opening hours: 

It’s important to find a clinic that is open with hours that work for your schedule. If you work all day, is there an option for you to take your pet during evening or weekend hours? There is no point in selecting a clinic which has opening hours conflicting with your schedule.

  1. Emergencies: 

Is the clinic open 24 hours, or do they have a relationship with an emergency hospital? How do they deal with emergencies?

  1. Proximity: 

How far is it? Can you get there quickly in an emergency? This is super important as you want to be able to reach your vet in the shortest time possible at times of emergencies.

  1. Payment methods: 

How flexible are they with payment options? Can they set up payment plans?

  1. Cleanliness: 

Is the clinic clean and hygienic? This is obvious, but you want your pet to be treated in a clinic that is clean and hygienic to avoid cross-contamination and risk of further infections.

  1. Vet appointments: 

Will your pet always see the same vet every time or will it be any vet that is available in the clinic? Ideally, you want to pick a vet to stick with you for your pet’s life. Changing the vet each time would not allow you to build a relationship of trust with your vet and your pet may feel very insecure and uncomfortable.

  1. Vet’s personality: 

Is your vet gentle and patient? Ultimately, you want to build a relationship with a vet you can trust to be gentle and patient with your pet whilst providing the best care. Notice your pet’s behaviour with the vet too. Does your pet appear to be fearful of the vet or aggressive?

  1. Follow up support: 

If you have questions regarding your pet that don't seem urgent - do you have to make an appointment, or can I ask via email or phone? What the follow up / support/resources are available for any diagnosis or treatment? You want to pick a vet that will be able to provide a holistic service and aftercare support for your pet. 

  1. Equipment: 

If your pet needs a scan or x-ray, does the clinic have such equipment? It may not be a consistent need, but it may save you time from running around for an x-ray when required.