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5 Simple Ways to Give Your Dog Medicines - Petsy

5 Simple Ways to Give Your Dog Medicines

Feeding any medicine orally to your pets can be quite a task for every pet parent. When it comes to pills, pet parents are unsure about how to give them to their furry babies. Because some pets will swallow the pill easily while some will spit it out 100 times before finally swallowing it.

Before giving your pets any type of medication, it's necessary to first consult your vet regarding what kind of medicine is to be given and how it can be given. Medication can be given with the help of food, by crushing it or opening capsules. 

A few items which can be used to hide your pet’s pills for them and make sure they take them are:

The easiest way to give your pets their medication is by hiding it in their favourite treats. Get your pet excited with their favorite treat so that he eats the treat along with the pill. This way they will not resist pills or get a weird taste or find anything bitter.

The easiest way to get your pets to digest their pills is along with their favourite treat or dry meal. Add it to your pet’s food for them to be able to comfortably swallow medicines. 

If your pet enjoys meat, you can use that as an alternative too. Make sure that the meat is properly cooked and not raw as it might contain a lot of harmful bacteria that can be harmful to pets. 

Peanut Butter
Hiding the pill on a dab of peanut butter on a spoon or taking a small amount of peanut butter and rolling it into a ball along with the medicine inside, can get your job done. 

Peanut butter is a great treat that all dogs love. But make sure that it’s your pet-friendly peanut butter that is made with natural sweeteners and not artificial ones., which can be very harmful to your pet. 

Bananas can be a good way to feed your pet their medication. But bananas are high in sugar content and cannot be given to pets with health diseases like diabetes, etc. Bananas also contain high levels of potassium, therefore, it is necessary to check with your vet before giving any prescribed medication with it. 

Cheese can be given in small portions along with your pet's medication. Soft cheese is easily moldable and can be a good way to hide a pill in it. As some dogs are lactose intolerant, it is necessary to first check for this condition. If your pet is prescribed an antibiotic, it is advisable not to give that to them along with any dairy products as they contain high levels of calcium. 

Please note: Do not smash the pill
You may feel it completely reasonable to crush or grind the pill into a powder and sprinkle it over your pet's food, but this can be extremely bad for your pet. 

The coating of the pill is not only because it helps the pill not taste bitter but also helps release the pill into various parts of their organs easily—crushing the pill will take away the coating. 

To conclude this, the three main rules to follow when giving your pets any medication are:

  1. Give your pets the medication prescribed by the vet. 
  2. Always complete any dose of medication not completing the medication for the period given by the vet can lead to health problems. 
  3. Never suggest or give your pet's medication to another pet. If the vet has prescribed certain medication to your pet, do not feed it to another.
  4. Always contact your vet for more information on what foods can give your pet's medication because every pet is unique and different. 

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