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5 tips to prevent dehydration in pets

5 tips to prevent dehydration in pets

Like we ensure that our kids' water intake level is optimum, it's necessary to make sure that your pets consume enough water too. Reduced water intake can result in dehydration which can have adverse effects on your pet’s health, just like it is for us humans. Offering a bowl of water regularly, carrying a portable water bottle when you are travelling and keeping a check on their total water intake are the prerequisites of every pet parent.

If you notice that your pet isn't used to drinking enough water, inculcate this habit gradually. However, it's important to make sure that no matter how tempting, you don't let them drink too much too quickly.

A few tips to keep a check on their water intake:

  • Along with every meal, serve a bowl of fresh clean water.
  • As a working pet parent, you can keep a few water bowls around the house so that they can voluntarily drink whenever they feel like.
  • If you are going for a ride or to the park, carry a portable water bottle or a foldable bowl to pour in the water at regular intervals.
  • After strenuous playing or exercise, offer your dog water in small amounts. Pour a little in their bowl, replenishing it every few minutes.
  • Water can be added for pet dogs along with dry dog food which increases the moisture content in their food.

Depending on the weather and temperature, and the activity level and exercise of your dog, he will probably need more water on some days than others. A veterinarian can offer advice about how best to ensure your pet consumes enough fluids, based on their age, weight, and health.

A good rule of thumb: If you're out playing in the heat and you get thirsty, your pet is probably thirsty too.

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