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6 Things Only People With Dogs at Home Understand - Petsy

6 Things Only People With Dogs at Home Understand

Doggos are social animals. They love to play, eat, cuddle or even nap with their hoomans. The joy that these furry babies bring in all our homes and lives is overwhelming.

Here are 6 things only people will dog at home understand:

Dog hair is everywhere, but you don't care:
Dog hair is a mandatory accessory for every person at home. You can never not be covered in dog hair. Even if you've just had a bath or changed into a fresh outfit, wait for your doggo to come running towards you or just have a seat at the couch and there, you are back to being covered in dog hair.

When people come home, they spend more time with the dog than they do with you:
It can be an overwhelming feeling to see visitors at home show so much love for your pet that they come to visit them instead of you. One of the perks of coming to your house will be your pet and for your pet, it just means having one more friend to have fun with.

You experience sweet pain when your dog lets someone else pet them:
As a possessive dog owner, you may have an envious look on your face when your dog lets someone else pet them but within your heart, you know you are happy. Your doggo looks for an opportunity to give and take love with whoever and whenever. 

You look forward to being greeted by them when you come back home:
The most awaited meeting when you return home after a long day or a trip is with your dog. Nothing makes you happier than seeing your dog waiting at the door, showering you with wet kisses and jumping in joy.

Their head tilt can alleviate even the most stressful situations:
A stressful day at work or being loaded with a zillion difficult decisions to make, it all seems achievable and easy when your doggo looks at you and tilts their head.

You melt because of their innocent puppy face all the time:
You have to agree that your little ones’ innocent puppy face works like a charm. One look and there, you'd decide to give them all that they want right at that moment.

Only a  dog owner will understand the unconditional love they shower you with and expect nothing else but just the same in return. A lot of wet kisses, wagging tails and a lifetime of love with these babies around.

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