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Bunny Proofing Your Home - Petsy

Bunny Proofing Your Home

Bunnies love to dig and chew which probably means decor destruction for your home. What you can do to stop these cute little ones from causing destruction is bunny-proof your home. 

What and how to bunny proof?

Electrical wiring and cords

Bunnies love chewing on the exposed wires around the house which not only causes damage to the wires and appliances but is also dangerous for your pet. How to keep your bunny from chewing cords?

  • Make sure all wires and electricals are out of reach for your rabbit.
  • Add plastic wire protectors to the exposed wiring around the house.
  • Cover them with a flex tube or PVC pipe.
  • Lastly, use a small electrical outlet plug to make sure your rabbit doesn't try to chew the outlet opening as well.


Any floor that allows rabbits to dig, they'll dig. For bunny households, this means the carpeting and rugs are the victim of your bunny's behaviour. fibre ingestion can be harmful for them and to avoid it, choose a surface for your bunny which is non-porous and easy to clean. Marble, tile, and laminate flooring are popular choices since they can't be dug into, don't absorb urine, and won't stain.


Your bunny may end up chewing on the bottom and corners of the wooden door of the room. What can you do to prevent this?

  • Keep your bunny confined with tiny metal doors.
  • Install metal kick plates at the bottom of the wooden doors in your house.
  • Also, remove the door stop if it is at the bunny's level and instead utilize one at the top of the door or install a door handle wall guard.


All the plats around your house should be off-limits for rabbits which means they should be placed above ground levels and be completely inaccessible for bunnies. Reason being, a few plants are toxic to rabbits if eaten by them and a potted plant will end up being dug by them which will only create a mess for you.

Books, Newspapers and Magazines

Your rabbit may love to chew on papers but there are certain items which you don't want them to chew. To prevent chewing of papers:

  • Use glass-fronted bookcases.
  • Place books and newspapers you are still using in chew-proof bins, either hard plastic or metal. There are copper and brass wood bins for fireplaces that are very serviceable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Do not place books on the lower shelves of bookcases.
  • If you give your rabbit paper to chew, be sure the ink is soy-based.

Kitchen area

A curious rabbit would love to explore the kitchen and it's one of the most dangerous places for them if you have open drawers and shelves or appliances which are accessible to them and have an open backside. While it may be inviting for the rabbit, it'll be very difficult for you to get them out of these places without hurting them. What you can do to prevent this damage is, make sure you:

  • Close cupboard doors and drawers after use.
  • Use childproof latches to keep doors and drawers closed.
  • Block off any open areas in the cabinet.
  • Block off areas around appliances to prevent the rabbit from getting behind them while being mindful of having adequate air circulation around the appliances.


Food for other pets, grocery bags full of food, waste baskets containing food items, and food set out on low tables will all tempt a hungry rabbit.

  • Use covered waste baskets of sufficient size and weight to prevent a rabbit from getting into them or tipping them over
  • Keep foods at least 2 feet off of the ground. 
  • Any snacks, candy, or holiday foods should be placed on tables at a height of at least two feet off of the ground. Also, be careful too with hot drinks that could burn an inquisitive rabbit.
  • Ashtrays, too, need to be out of reach of a rabbit. Cigarettes and cigars are toxic to rabbits, and should never be placed where a rabbit would have access to them.

These are some of the most common yet helpful ways to take care of your belongings including your loving furry baby. They are tiny and adorable but are surely capable of creating a big mess around your home which can be prevented with adequate bunny proofing. 

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