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Caring for a Pet Hamster

Caring for a pet Hamster

Hamsters are cute little creatures with shimmering eyes that make you want to cuddle them any chance you get. But be careful while taking care of hamsters as they are tiny and delicate furry babies that need a lot of love and care. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to take care of a hamster before bringing them home. 

What cage size will you need? Types of equipment will they be running around? What kind of food do they require? Are you prepared for the noise they make in the night? These might be some things that you would frequently question before adopting a hamster.

Comfortable home for the furry babies
Hamsters need a comfortable, clean, fun and lovely home. They need enough space to run around because they love to run and play! Getting them a small cage might cause them discomfort. Get a hamster cage that is easy to clean, buying complex structured ones with lots of modules might be fun for your hamster but tricky and hard to clean. 

Good food for a healthy hamster
Hamsters love to nibble on hay or any vegetable. Pellets are great for your hamsters as they provide a healthy and well-balanced diet. 

Sometimes if you keep loose food out your hamsters might only pick out what they like and leave what they don't this might lead to an unbalanced diet. Therefore, a great option to keep them only a healthy diet is to keep a mix of pellets and vegetables that will be a healthy and tasty treat for your furry babies. 

Playing & exercise equipment
Hamsters love to run and play in their little cages, and they love running on their spinning wheel. These babies need exercise too. So it is ideal for them to have an exercise wheel for entertainment and keep themselves fit. 

Just running on the wheel might be a little boring, so it is advisable to get them a few toys or something to chew on. While you pick new toys for them, make sure they are Hamster friendly as you don’t want to hurt them or cause discomfort.

Expert care
These furry rodents are small and might get affected or infected easily compared to other animals. If you notice them getting sick, having a runny nose, losing hair, loss of appetite or any other uncommon symptoms you must get in contact with your vet immediately.

A few other things to be careful of
Like we mentioned earlier, hamsters love to run. Keep an eye out because these tiny rodents might escape and hide in small places that you may not be able to locate. When they run away, try keeping their cage open with toys or food they like, so that they come back once they are hungry or if they see the toy they like.

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