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Challenges of Getting a New Puppy Home and How to Overcome Them? - Petsy

Challenges of Getting a New Puppy Home and How to Overcome Them?

Puppies are adorable little pets that can brighten anyone's day. As a new pet parent, it is very exciting to bring your new pup home. You will have a companion who is lovable and will smother you with loads of love and kisses whenever you need it, and even when you don’t.

But when you get a new pup home, there are a few challenges you might face initially. Don't worry about it being difficult, you can easily overcome these challenges in time. All you need is loads of love and patience towards your sweet pup. 

Here are some of the challenges that you might face with your new pup: 

1. Training your puppy: Puppies are full of life and love to jump and nibble at everything in sight, therefore, training your pup to be disciplined and listen to what you command might be somewhat of a challenge. 

Training your pup will help you develop a close relationship with them. During this time, your puppy will learn how to trust and listen to your commands. You need to make sure that your pup knows that you are in charge, this will take some time for them to understand, but training them early will be more effective.

Some common commands to teach your puppy are: 

  • Sit: This command is the easiest and one of the first commands taught to the pup.
  • Down: This is to ask the pup to lay down flat on the ground.
  • Stay: This is when you want your pup to sit or stay down.
  • Come: This is an important command that teaches the pup to come towards you.
  • Off: To ask your pup to get off from your furniture, mostly your bed. 

Don’t touch: For when your pup tends to get inquisitive. 

2. Getting your pup to exercise: Your cute pup needs regular physical activity to maintain their health. Exercise is very necessary for your pup to maintain a proper weight and that will result in good health. 

Taking your puppy on walks frequently to a nearby park to play and run will help control their weight and keep them healthy. Besides, you can also play with them at home to get them moving. This will help you bond with your pet.

3. Having a proper diet plan: Finding a good diet for your pup can take some time. Trying combinations of different foods, accommodating to your pup’s choice and taste, suit your pup health etc. The best option is to first consult your vet before making any dietary plans for your pup. 

4. Toilet training: Toilet training: Toilet training puppies in the right place and at the right time is very important. Keeping a training pad at a corner of your house, using pampers, using a puppy training kit, or taking your pup out frequently, will help train your pup into not dirtying your home. 

5. Vet visits: Vet visits are going to be frequent, especially when it’s a new pet. But they are very important because you need to make sure that your pet is healthy. Vaccinations are important for your pup because it helps your pup’s immune system to fight off harmful organisms. Frequent checkups are also a must at an early stage. 

6. Socializing: It is important to make sure that you help your pup socialize with other dogs or pets and people too. A few pups might show antisocial behaviour and can shy away from other people or animals. 

Taking them to park with other animals or enrolling your pup for a socializing class or even will help them come out their shells. However, make sure you don't force them, this might cause anxiety and will only make your pup scared. 

7. Teething: This period might be rough for your pup and you. You need to make sure you take extra care of your pup during this period. Puppy teething toys might be a great way to help them by providing them with something to chew on. If there’s an adverse effect on your pet’s health, make sure you take your pup to the vet so that proper precautions can be taken at the right time.

8. Having loads of patience: Patience is something that you are going to have to practice daily. You might want to cuddle and kiss your puppy all the time but while training them your expressions need to be neutral if you want your pup to take you seriously. 

Rewards always work in your favour! It’s a win-win for both you and your pup. This doesn't necessarily have to be treats or food items but can also be walks, cuddles or anything you may think your pup will love.

These are some of the challenges you need to be ready for with your new pup. But other than that, prepare for a life filled with an immense amount of cuddles and lots of fun with your new little furry baby. 

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