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Common Dog Body Languages and What They Mean! - Petsy

Common Dog Body Languages and What They Mean!

Dogs are loving, intelligent, and loyal pets who love their humans unconditionally. They love to communicate and be around their humans everywhere they go. They love a good belly rub, absolutely adore licking your face, follow you everywhere you go, will sleep on your bed at night and much more.

But do you ever wonder why they are so affectionate towards you? What do their little gestures mean and is it a way in which they communicate to you?

Here are some common body languages that dogs use as gestures and a way to communicate with you:

  • They follow you EVERYWHERE: You might have noticed your dog following you everywhere, and at times it might get super clingy. But it turns out that dogs are animals who are used to living in a pack. Because you are the one who feeds them and tells them what to do, you become their leader. And they follow the saying, 'I will go where you go'. They feel that you are part of their pact, part of their family and they will do anything for you. Another reason why they may constantly follow you is because they fear being left alone.
  • Puppy-Eyes: One of the most common expressions used by dogs and humans are the 'Puppy-Eyes'. The Puppy-Eyes are used when they want something or when they are trying to convince you to give them something, or they are guilty of something they have done. The Puppy-Dog eyes are always found during your dinner time or when you're holding a pack of their favourite treats.

However, when your dog looks at you with their sweet, round eyes they are trying to let you know that they trust and that you mean a lot to them.

  • Giving you gifts: Dogs love you and, as their human, they want to shower you with all the love and joy they can deliver. You might have noticed them giving you a few gifts; may be pleasant or unpleasant that they may have picked up from around the house or when they were out on a walk. They have no ulterior motive behind this and they just want to make you happy, and that will make them happy.
  • Lots of after-dinner snuggles: Once your dog has finished having their dinner, you must've noticed them coming to snuggle you. This is because they are full and want to thank you for giving them the food and giving you affection for it. They are full and truly happy with you.
  • Go crazy when you walk through the door: Dogs feel lonely when you leave your home and really, really miss you. This is why when you walk through the front door, you are greeted by lots of licks, wet kisses, barks and whine. Sometimes because they cannot contain their excitement, they will start tearing things and making a mess of the things around them.
  • Wet kisses: This love-hate gesture, is something all dogs love and you must let them do it sometimes. When your dog licks you, they are trying to tell you that they trust you with any decision you make for them, and this also means that they are super affectionate towards you. It is also good for their health. 

When dogs lick your face, it helps them get rid of any pent up anxiety and comforts them.

  • Sleeping in your bed: You must've caught your dog snuggles up in your bed multiple times. This is because they know your smell, and that brings them comfort. So, by being in the place you sleep in, they feel like you are there comforting them and that they have nothing to fear about.
  • Leaning against you when you sit: Dogs like humans need affection to remind them that you love them. So when they are leaning on your legs or sitting next to you, it means that they need some kind of attention and affection from you. They love you so much so when you hear this little gesture, they will be happy for the entire day.  

These are a few common body languages that dogs do very often. So, next time you see your dog doing any of the gestures, you will know exactly what way they want to shower you with nothing but lots of love. 

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