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Fun facts about cats and dogs

Fun Facts about Cats and Dogs

Being a pet parent or an animal lover means you learn something new every day with your four-legged friend. New information is fun and informative and it takes you a step further towards understanding your pet! Whether young or old, these fun facts about your pet will give you all the more reason to love them!

Fun facts about cats and dogs
  • We’ve always heard that dogs have keen hearing abilities but it is a lesser-known fact that the hearing of a cat is at least five times better than that of a human.
  • Perky-eared dogs hear sounds better than floppy-eared dogs. That’s why floppy-eared dogs raise their ears to hear better.

  • Cats don’t communicate with each other through meows. It isn't an innate cat language. Cats developed it so that they could communicate with humans.
  • Your dog can actually tell when you’ve pet another dog! A study at UCSD claims that your dog can genuinely get jealous when they see you display affection for another creature or can smell the other pup on you. So the next time you pet a cute pup on your way home, make sure to wash your hands!
  • A cat cannot see directly under its nose. That’s why when offering your kitty a treat, make sure it is in their line of sight or they will often miss it.
  • Many people don’t know this interesting dog fact about their pupper, but your four-legged friend has three eyelids! The third eyelid keeps their eyes moist and protected.
  • Cats cannot detect sweetness. Their sweet taste buds are not very reactive, which is probably why your cat isn’t attracted to sweet food items. So the next time you want to eat in peace without your cat nibbling off of your plate, snack on something sweet!
  • When your dog is carefully choosing the perfect place for poop time, it is because they prefer to go poop in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field. So the next time your dog takes a while to do their business, don’t rush them! Science is happening!
  • Despite imagery of cats happily drinking milk from saucers and the general consensus saying the same, studies indicate that cats are actually lactose intolerant and should avoid dairy entirely. Most cats grow lactose intolerant as they become adults.
  • Dogs that have been spayed or neutered live longer than dogs who are intact.
  • A cat’s smell is their strongest sense, and they rely on this to identify people and objects. Their sense of smell is 14 times better than that of a human.

Do you have any other cool facts about cats or dogs? Share it with us in the comments below!

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