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Restock on treats, toys, food and other pet essentials & SAVE BIG!
Restock on treats, toys, food and other pet essentials & SAVE BIG!
How to celebrate a pet-friendly Diwali? - Petsy

How to celebrate a pet-friendly Diwali?

Lighting up your homes and hearts this festive season? Here's a reminder to not leave your furry four-legged friend out! 

As the festive season draws closer, we cannot help but want to include our furry family in the celebrations - after all, who knows love and warmth better than them? That said, how do we celebrate Diwali the pet-friendly way? Whether it's wrapping presents or decorating the house, the best way to celebrate with pets is by spending quality time with them! Now, whilst they may not be an active part in helping out with festive cooking or decorating, here are a few of the many ways you can include your pet in your Diwali celebrations!

How to celebrate Diwali the pet-friendly way?


Diwali, as we know it, is all about spending time with your loved ones. And, what speaks quality time more than toys! Toys, whether they are to be played with indoor or outdoor make an excellent Diwali gift because every playtime makes for an unforgettable memory! Here, at Petsy, you can find toys for every type of play, thereby ensuring that your pet has as good a time as anyone else in the family this festive season.


What's any celebration without mouth-watering treats, right? Besides acting as an excellent way to bond with your furry babies, treats scream celebration and unconditional love. And, what better than healthy yet scrumptious and naturally irresistible treats! Whether you are looking for a burst of tantalizing flavour or drool-worthy long-lasting chews, head over to our treats' section to make your pet's Diwali a treat!

Pet-friendly vacations

A family getaway doesn't necessarily need the pet to stay at home, especially when you know they'd enjoy the vacation as much as you do! Vacations with pets are becoming increasingly popular with many hotels and airlines turning pet-friendly, which means, your pet can now enjoy with their family this Diwali. But, wait! Have you considered how to make your pet's journey comfortable? More often than not, we end up leaving our pets behind simply because travel is uncomfortable - for both pet and parent. But, we have the perfect solution for you - head over to our travel section to find pet carriers and crates to help make your pets' journey more than just comfortable this Diwali!

Gift boxes & Gift cards 

Why choose one when you can have many? For the pets and their parents who enjoy celebrating Diwali in style, Petsy offers specially curated gift boxes and gift cards that shower your furry family with love, warmth, and a dash of fun! Head over to our gifting section and gift the best this pet-friendly Diwali!

Pet-friendly Diwali Mithai

Diwali ain't Diwali without mithai! Here's our in-house recipe of a pet-friendly and super delicious Peanut Butter Coconut Laddoo for your pets - 

  • 1/2 cup of shredded coconut
  • 1/4 cup of jaggery
  • 1/2 cup of peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup shredded carrot
  • 2 tbsp coconut/olive oil
  • To a bowl, add shredded coconut and jaggery
  • Toss lightly and then add in the shredded carrot
  • Add in the peanut butter
  • Mix until creamy and sticky
  • Use coconut or olive oil to roll the laddoo
  • Serve with love

Don't forget to watch our reel for a tutorial -

What to watch out for this Diwali?


Whilst we can't stop the fireworks, we can make it less traumatising for our pets. When the fireworks begin, take your pet to a quiet well-ventilated room with toys. If they are nervous or anxious, they are less likely to play with toys, and in such cases, it is best to channel their focus onto something mentally stimulating like a stuffed KONG or a treat-dispensing puzzle toy. In situations where your dog refuses both treats and toys, it is best to cover their ears with ear muffs or a blanket. You may also want to speak to your veterinarian for anti-anxiety medication. Remember, the best way to help your pet cope with loud noises from fireworks is through noise minimisation and stress reduction.  


Surprised at this one? Don't be - in fact, many guests during the festive season lead to overstimulation in both dogs and cats, leading to unnecessary stress that is often displayed through aggression. When your house goes from being super calm to noisy and bustling all of a sudden, it causes confusion in your pets' minds. This, in turn, causes them to alter their normal behaviour, i.e. when the house is calm on a normal day. Hence, in order to allow your pet to calm down and retreat to their safe spot, it is necessary to have their bed, toys, and water bowl in a quiet room away from all the noise. Once they've interacted with all the guests and enjoyed the celebration, ensure that they are back in the room to cool off.


Accidental swallowing of rangoli is increasingly common amongst kittens and puppies during the festive season. Hence, it is best to buy chemical-free rangoli for your home and ensure that you keep your pet from eating others rangolis during Diwali.  


Waste during the festive season is notoriously known to cause serious health damage to pets, which is why, it is crucial to ensure you dispose your festive waste safely. 


If your puppy swallows a fairy light, his stomach ain't going to glow like a firefly! Instead, it might cause serious damage leading to a health emergency. Remember to allows keep festive decor away from your pet's reach no matter the time of the day. After Diwali, ensure you safely store it in a place your pet cannot access. 

What's a festive season without every member of your family around, even if they are four-legged or feathery? As pets start to become a more integral part of our homes and hearts, it's time we turn to celebrating the pet-friendly way!

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