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How to Pick the Right Cat Treat? - Petsy

How to Pick the Right Cat Treat?

For eaters as picky as cats, there's a lot to consider when buying them a cat treat that they will most definitely enjoy! Purr for more! Since cats are animals that use all their senses while eating, the treat must satisfy every sense. In other words, the cat treat should look, smell, feel, taste, and even hear well enough to get a cat wanting more! 

Read along to know more about what you must take into consideration while picking the best cat treat online!

Ah, who doesn't like the smell of wild-caught salmon? Soon after they're born, kittens use their sense of smell to find their mother's teat. Since they are born blind, a heightened sense of smell is what helps them look for their source of food. This strength often gets a cat into trouble when it sticks its nose in the oddest of places while looking for food. That said, if you find your cat searching the kitchen high and low, remember that their olfactory powerhouse is what got them there! While choosing treats based on smell, it is important to look at the flavours - while some cats adore fish, others enjoy chicken, and the best way to know which flavour your cat prefers is to buy different flavoured treats and allow your cat to pick his/her favourite!

Since taste is closely associated with smell, even a sick or ageing cat with a reduced sense of smell could tell the difference between different kinds of fish! Taste is paramount when it comes to food, not just for cats, but for their parent too, right? The tastier the food is, the more likely you are to want to eat it, right? It's quite the same with our feline friends. However, we have no way of knowing which treat will tickle our kitty's tastebuds, so the best option is to have a variety of them available at first. Once your cat picks his/her favourites, you have your secret stash of goodies that can get them to do almost anything!

Does your cat like it creamy like the Sheba Melty or crunchy like Temptations? Or both!? The texture of the treat matters not only to satisfy your cat’s preference but to also ensure smooth digestion. Kittens and older cats often prefer creamy treats because they’re easy to digest and require very little chewing. Adult cats, on the other hand, take well to crunchy treats, jerkies, nuggets and various other textures. It is always best to have a range of different textured treats to allow your cat to pick his/her best. After they’ve found their favourite, you can choose to stick to that one for the rest of their lives or….until they find a new favourite! 

Believe it or not, the appearance of your cat's treat can influence whether or not they choose to eat it. Some cats prefer treats that are of a liquid consistency for example the Me-O Creamy Treats, especially if they eat wet food. Contrarily, cats on dry food diets are more likely to choose treats with a definite shape, just like their kibble, for example, the Kittos or Cataholic. Either way, it is best for you to have treats of different appearances - chewy, crunchy, creamy, nuggets, jerkies etc. and allow your cat to decide who's the best of em' all!

But, treats are for fun! Right? Yes, but it is still something we give them every day; hence, the nutritional value is of utmost importance when selecting the right cat treat. When you look at the back of the treat packet, make sure you keep an eye out for whether the treats contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, real flavour, and no artificial preservatives. 

Now that you know what goes into picking the right cat treat, there ain't no more pickiness! Unless, of course, your cat is in a mood for something entirely different! Let your cat try out Petsy's range of Naturally Irresistible Treats for a delicious experience!

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