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How to Take Care of Fleas on Cats?

How to Take Care of Fleas on Cats?

Fleas can become an infestation on your pet, in your home and leave your pet feeling itchy and messy. They are more likely to come in contact with outdoor cats, but these parasites can ride into your home with other pets or an uninvited rodent and affect a cat who is more likely to stay indoors.

How to check for fleas on cats?

A few common signs of flea infestation are:

  • Scratching at the head and ears
  • Licking at the underside, especially between hind legs
  • Chewing or biting at themselves
  • Fur loss, especially on top-back, from scratching and itching
  • Redness
  • Black particulate matter on the skin

How to get rid of fleas on kittens?

  • Brush your cat's coat with a fine-toothed flea comb from head to tail several times a day. Then dip the comb in a mixture of water and liquid detergent to kill the fleas. This will skim off the adult fleas, their eggs and ease your cat's itching.
  • Use the tick and flea spray for cats and brush their coat for around 5 minutes a day.
  • You can also use a flea and tick shampoo while grooming them to get rid of all the fleas on their fur.

If the issue persists, please consult a veterinarian for a cat flea treatment. 

How to prevent ticks and fleas in cats?

Spot Ons: Flea and tick prevention spot-ons are an effective for cats. Spot n should be applied on the shoulder blade of your cat, carefully part the hair at the centre and apply the spot-on on their skin.
It is important to apply the spot-on on their shoulder blades so that it is out of their reach, and that they don't swallow the medicine. Apply the spot every 3-4 weeks for effective results.

Sprays: Flea and tick sprays can be used on your pet's fur to prevent them. You can apply the spray on your cat's fur, being aware of their eyes and mouth.

Shampoos: Tick and fleas shampoo not only gets rid of ticks & fleas but also soothes and reduces hot spots and itchy, dry or irritated skin caused by flea bites, dandruff from your cat's coat. Tick and flea shampoos use natural ingredients to keep their coats soft, plush & shiny.

Collars: Tick and flea cat collars are an effective way to protect and defend against these parasites. They are waterproof that acts as a repellent to protect your cat.
You need to change the collar every 3-4 months for effective results.

How to get rid of fleas at home?

To get rid of fleas at home, practice precautions similar to if you were dealing with bed bugs, lice or pests.

  • Even though cats are up to date and groom themselves regularly, make sure that if you have any other pets at home, they are well-groomed too and maintain a good hygiene routine at home.
  • Clean your pet's bedding and toys with soapy water regularly
  • Vacuum the floor, furniture, linens and everything that's around your pet

Persistence is the key to practice flea control on cats to get rid of them completely. Take all the necessary precautions and avoid an infestation which causes so much pain and discomfort to your furry baby.

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