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How to throw a birthday party for your pet?

How to throw a birthday party for your pet?

Birthday parties - who doesn't love them? Especially if they are for your pet! Pet birthday parties have gained popularity in the recent decade. Why? Because of unlimited fun, of course! Now, whilst you think of your pet's birthday, here are some fun ways to plan a safe and easy-to-do party to celebrate your pet!

When to celebrate?
As silly as it may seem, some people choose to celebrate their pet's birthday on the date their pet came home, whilst others prefer the date their pet was born. If you aren't aware of the day your pet was born, you could choose to celebrate their birthday on a date that's easy to remember or on a special occasion.

Where to celebrate?
Ah, the mind-boggling question! Your pet's birthday is about him/her, which means it has to be at a place they feel most comfortable - whether it's the park or at home, your pet is far less likely to enjoy their birthday if it's at a new place or somewhere they aren't very comfortable with. It is also important to consider the weather, number of guests, space required to accommodate the guests, and well, the behaviour of most guests. If you choose to have your pet's birthday party outdoors, choose an area that is escape-proof and hazard-free. Contrarily, indoor parties are a lot more work when it comes to accommodation and cleanliness but they most often ensure a comfortable party for your pet.

Who to invite?
Rule of thumb - never invite pets your pet isn't absolutely comfortable with. A pet birthday party is not an occasion for your pet to make new friends, but a celebration with the ones they feel most comfortable with - even if that happens to be only two or three pets. Introducing new pets or ones your pet isn't absolutely comfortable with can induce stress and anxiety, especially if those pets are being called home, simply because, home is your pet's private space and not a neutral ground for making new friendships. However, if you do choose to throw a party with many pets, remember to host it on neutral ground, such as a park or a beach - a place where none of the pets call home. This way, stress and anxiety are considerably reduced and there's more room for wanting to get to know other pets.

How to celebrate?

Planning the celebration isn't as hard as knowing who to invite and where to celebrate - all it takes is getting creative and making a few quick decisions! Don't worry, we're going to help you with both! Whilst planning how to celebrate, always keep your pet in mind. Remember, it's their birthday, not yours. This means you have to plan the theme around what they're most comfortable with, whether it's chilling at home on the couch or rolling on the sand on the beach. 

Food & Drink

What's a party with no food? For the humans of the party, you could consider dog/cat-shaped cookies, sandwiches, Jell-O, pizzas etc. For the pets, choose food that is often known to have wide popularity amongst the pet community. You could also ask the guests what their dog likes most, and have one special dish for each pet. This way, you are catering to all the pets, whilst offering variety. In addition to treats, you could also choose to make homemade pancakes, popcorn, bone broth, eggs, milkshakes, and popsicles! Make sure you have several bowls of fresh water available at different places at your party too. Pet parties are very similar to children's birthday parties in that they involve loads of excitement, unavoidable messiness, a couple of disagreements, and a whole lot of noise! Hence, the best way to ensure maximum fun when it comes to food and drink is to have the guests' favourite treats alongside healthy, homemade, easily-digestible snacks. 

Have a variety of puzzles, each of a different challenge level, for the pets to play with and then rotate the puzzles to avoid boredom. Remember, however, to have sufficient space between pets solving puzzles in order to allow them to concentrate on the task at hand without getting distracted or wanting to grab someone else's puzzle treat. You may also request the parents to sit beside their pets whilst solving.

For the pets that aren't up for brain games, you can consider different types of toys - balls, squeaker toys, chew toys, rope tots and so on. You may also choose to add in a kiddie pool if the party is outdoors or on the terrace.

Treasure Hunt
Hide treats in challenging yet accessible places and then, allow the pets to go find them one by one. You could also make this activity fun by adding a gift for the ones who finish fastest. Whilst planning treasure hunts, do ensure there is enough hazard-free space.

Return gifts
Lastly, don't forget to thank your guests with return gifts for making your pet's day extra special! You could choose to gift them personalised tags, bandanas, bowls, or even a handful of treats! 

We hope this made your party planning a tad bit easier! Here's to celebrating your pet today & everyday!

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