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Must-Haves for a New Dog Parent - Except Food - Petsy

Must-Haves for a New Dog Parent - Except Food

It is extremely exciting to bring home a new pup. Along with a daily dose of attention and affection, they will also need essential items as they settle into a new place they can call home. Before bringing them home, you will need to make sure that you have all these pet's essentials that they will need along with puppy-proofing your home. 

Here is a list of a few essential items needed for a new doggo:

Food and water bowls - Dogs of different breeds, sizes, and ages have different eating styles and they require specific dog bowls. Some large breed dogs need an elevated bowl, whereas some dogs need a rounded, shallow, or deep bowl depending on whether they are short or long-nosed. If the dog is a fast eater for that, there are slow feeder bowls available. 

If your dog has sensitive skin, stainless steel bowls will be a great choice. Plastic or silicone bowls are lightweight and easy to clean but can cause irritation and make your dog's skin itch.

Medicines and Supplements - The most important thing to do when getting a pet is to get them checked at the vet first. This will help you understand whether your pet is facing any health-related issues. If they are, it is necessary to give them the right medicines and supplements regularly.

Pee Pads or Diapers - It’s common to get your upholstery soiled with a new pup in the house. But what can you do to stop this from becoming a habit? Toilet train them. An option that will surely help you in keeping your home and pup clean are training essentials. Use training pads or diapers made especially for pups. These are not only used for pups but also for adult dogs with health issues or if they are unable to go outdoors to pee or poop. 

Toys - Toys not only keep them entertained but also help with mental stimulation. There are a variety of dog toys to choose from like plushies, chew toys, puzzles, rope toys, and a lot more. 

Puzzles help the dog's mental health to get exercised and will keep them from getting bored. Chew toys help your dog's jaw get exercised and as a good way to promote oral health. 

A comfy bed - To make your furry baby comfortable, get a dog bed that is made from soft fabric, cushioning and a blanket for a cozy and dreamy sleep. If a dog is facing joint or other problems, there are orthopaedic beds available. This will help the doggo sleep without any aches or pains. 

Walking accessories - Dogs love going for walks and playdates at the park, and it is necessary to have the right pet dogs accessories for it to keep them safe. Collars hooked onto the leash are a must for every dog when you step out with them to direct their movement. Personalised name tags attached to the collar serve as a fashionable safety measure in case your dog goes missing.

A dog harness is a great option when you take your dog out for a walk as it's thick, sturdy and provides more comfort. The harness will take any strain from the dog's neck and will distribute it to their body instead.

Grooming necessities - Grooming is a necessity to keep your dog clean and healthy. They can be bathed using dog-friendly grooming products once or twice a week depending on their breed, health conditions etc.

You can use pet-friendly dog equipment like trimmers, scissors, wipes, brushes and combs, etc., for trimming their fur and nails. Dental health is important too and can be taken care of using toothbrushes, toothpaste and chew toys or treats. If you’re not comfortable with grooming the pet yourself, you can always take them to a groomer for a rejuvenating spa session.

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