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Should I Get a Bed, Kennel or Crate for My Dog? - Petsy

Should I Get a Bed, Kennel or Crate for My Dog?

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To start with, regardless of where your puppy is going to be sleeping, soft bedding is an absolute must! A cushioned and cozy bed will be perfect a small to medium-sized pup while larger breed requires a little more padding. 


Kennels are great for puppies that will live outdoors or share the home with kids and other pets. When purchasing a kennel, remember that this will be your pup’s home for years to come, so consider the size your puppy will grow. The kennel needs to be large enough for them to turn around and lie down in a comfortable position. However, if the kennel is too large, then your puppy could get cold at night. Keeping the kennel at a small height and near your house will help your puppy from adjusting in his or her new home. Adding a cost and cushioned bed will be the perfect touch for your pup. 


Crates are particularly useful to limit destructive behavior and creating routine and toilet training. As a plus, they can also be useful for car trips. When considering purchasing a crate, it should be large enough to allow your pup to comfortably stand-up, lie down, turn around and stretch inside their crate. 

Petsy thoughts: For the love of the bed

Dogs just love the human bed because it smells so intensely of the person they love most! It’s most probably why you’ll find your puppy rest its heads on your pillow most of the time. It’s an interesting decision – letting your dog sleep on your bed. It’s a tie between a warm, fuzzy cuddle buddy and a “space-hogger.” No matter how small a dog may be, as soon as it climbs on to your bed, it morphs into an enormous dinosaur that fills every inch of space available. Try moving your dog when it’s in a deep sleep – good luck.   

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