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6 Tips to Keep Your Dog Active at Home

6 Tips to Keep Your Dog Active at Home

While some of us may love the new work from home and indoors, the same may not necessarily be true for our pets, especially those that love their time outdoors. Being indoors constantly may be a big change for them and keeping their body and mind stimulated will take a little creativity and make for some really funny dog videos! We’ve come up with 6 ways to help keep your dog entertained at home!

1. Tug of War

One of your pooch’s all-time favorite game, tug of war, is sure to get your doggo energized and excited. All you need is a tough piece of rope or an old cloth.  Most dogs get extremely excited when it comes to this game, so do be careful about its surroundings and make sure to remove anything that can break.

2. Dental Chews

Time is the one thing that you will have a ton of at this moment and interacting with your dog all day may be coming in the way of your work. So the next time you have something important you need to do, give your pupper a dental chew. Not only will this keep them occupied for ages, it will also benefit their dental health.

3. Hide and Seek

This is something everyone at home can play together. Each person can hide with a treat and call out to your dog. When they have been found, they give the treat to the pooch. Not only will this make sure your dog will get some physical activity by running around the house, but it will also help your family bond with the dog even more!

Another version of this is something you can play to keep your pet occupied when you have something urgent to do. Hide a bunch of treats around the house in various spots and let your dog go find them!


If you have a KONG at home, stuff it with your pooch’s favorite treats and watch them go all out as they have fun trying to get at them!

5. Spa Time

We know this self-isolation has gotten most of you more focused on yourself and that includes soothing self-care! So why not indulge in a spa at home with your doggo? Treat them to a fun spa experience with an oil massage and fun bath time!

6. New Tricks

Now that you’ve gotten a ton of time on your hands why not use it to teach your pooch those new tricks you had in mind? Not only will they learn something new, but challenging your dog stimulates their mind and keeps them active with training!

Well now we’re sure your doggo has plenty to be entertained with when you’re at home with them all day! Have you found any unique ways to keep your pet active and stimulated at home? Let us know!

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