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Types of Cat Toys - Petsy

Types of Cat Toys

Cats need to be active and energetic even though they stay indoors most of the time. So to keep them from being lazy, they need the right toys to stay active. Toys not only help your cat be active but will also help stimulate their minds, relieve stress, build muscles and get rid of any unwanted behavior.

Each cat has personal preferences for different shapes, sizes, and types of toys. The different types of categories cat toys to choose from are:

Catnip toys
Catnip will make your cat happy and excited, and it is safe for them. A lot of cat toys come with infused catnip and dried catnip is separately available as it can be sprinkled or spray catnip on cat furniture and scratchers. Catnip toys come in the form of refillable toys, plush toys, teaser toys and much more.

Dental care toys
Dental toys help strengthen and cleans your cat's teeth and gums and gets rid of any plaque or dirt situated in them. It is very important to maintain your pet’s oral health by keeping their mouth and teeth clean.

Teaser toys
Teaser toys are sticks with a ribbon or a string attached to them at the end. These toys come in different forms like feathers attached, with strings, noise-makers or small soft toys that are filled with catnip. 

Wand toys are a fun way for you to bond and play with your cat. 

Motion and light toys
Cats are curious pets and love to play with items that entice their natural hunting instincts. Toys with motion and light in them will get your cat excited and attracted to play with these toys. 

The laser is a fun motion as well as the light-emitting is enticing for your cat. You can make your cat chase it by putting it on the floor or the wall. But remember to keep it away from your cat's eyes as they are sensitive. 

Treat-dispensing toys
Treat dispensing toys are not only fun but are beneficial for the physical and mental stimulation of a cat. These toys can be filled with your cat's favourite treats that will make playtime an even more fun experience. 

Crinkle toys

Toys with crinkles are a good way to keep your cat engaged and entertained for long periods of time. Crinkle toys make a crackling sound that cats love and they can stay engaged for longer periods. They can be in the form of plush toys, motion toys, teaser toys, etc.

Cats would love to play with the toys of their choice and when you have so many options to choose from, they are spoilt for choice! Find cat toys that keep your cat engaged and entertained for a long time as play time will also help you bond with your cats. 

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