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Different Types of Dog Toys - Petsy

Different Types of Dog Toys

Dogs love to play and run with you, might just call it their favorite pastime. But each dog has its toy preference depending on the shape, size, and type of toy, or even on their choice of playing styles. Initially, to test which toy your pup likes, you can get them a variety of different ones to choose from. The different types of toys for dogs are: 

Dogs love to play fetch when playing in a garden or outdoors. Balls are a fun and interactive toy for you as well as your dog. Rubber or tennis balls even act as a squeaker toy for your dogs keeping their teeth and gum strong and healthy. 

Rope toys
As much as dogs love playing they love tugging things just as much. Rope toys are suitable toys for your doggo's natural way of playing. To make it more interesting for you and your dog, you can play a game of tug of war with both of you tugging different ends of the toy.

Stuffed toys or plushies 
These toys make a great companion for your dog. They are soft, cuddly and also are safe for your dog's teeth and mouth. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and provide so much comfort to your pet. Many dogs have grown very attached to their soft toys or plushies.

Chew toys 
Along with playing and tugging, everyone can admit that dogs love to chew. They will begin to chew on things like your sofa or shoe even before they start teething. Chew toys are very good for the development of strong teeth. These come in different shapes and sizes according to each dog's preference like sticks, bones, animal shapes, rings, etc. 

Treat-Dispensing toys
Treat dispensing toys are toys that you can fill your dog's favorite treat to attract them to the toy. To get the treats your dog will have to figure a way to toss and turn the toy to make playtime a lot more fun and rewarding too. Trust us, if your dog enjoys this they will be playing with it for hours. 

Pick the ones which are your dog's favorite. Some may like lazing around on the couch with plushies while others may like playing fetch at the park.

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