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Grooming pets

Types of Grooming Brushes for Pets

Confused and don’t know which brush is the best for grooming your pet to keep them clean and tidy? Let’s help you figure out which brush is suitable for your doggo.


Slicker brush


1. Slicker brush:

A slicker brush with soft wire bristles cleans both the top coat and base coat of your dog's fur. It is specially recommended for breeds with longer coats for detangling. 


Bristle brush


2. Bristle brush:

A bristle brush has soft bristles to groom your pet on daily basis. Brushing their coat with a bristle brush removes excess unwanted hair and avoid tangles, mats and debris. Use a bristle brush to finish after brushing with a slicker brush to remove dead coat. Recommended for breeds with short hair. 


Double-sided brush


3. Double-sided brush:

A double-sided brush has rows of thin wire pins on one side which remove looser fur. 

And on the other side, there are bristles for brushing the topcoat and removing dirt and loose hair and stimulating the skin.


Regular comb


4. Regular comb:

Metal combs are usually used for finishing after slicker brush on long coat and curly coat dogs. This helps you to identify if there are any knots when you comb through and you can go back to brushing any areas where the comb may be getting stuck.


Up and down comb


5. Up and down comb:

An up and down comb has pins which rotate and assist in removing knots and dead hair from your dog’s coat. It’s ideal for grooming medium and long-haired dogs. Combs should be used for finishing after brushing with a slicker brush. Never use a comb directly on an un-brushed  coat. It may get stuck in knots and cause pain. 

Flea comb

6. Flea comb:

This comb has pins placed close together to comb through your dog's fur to help remove any fleas. Its one of the most useful way of treating your pet for any flea infestations. 

We hope this helps you pick the right one for your dog!

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