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Urine Marking in Dogs - Petsy

Urine Marking in Dogs

Urine marking is quite a common dog behaviour. It can happen when dogs are taken for a walk, at home or when taken to a new and different location or environment. This doesn't depend on if it's a female or a male dog and dogs can start urine marking from as early as the age of 3 months. Some dogs pee on things while raising a leg to leave a message for other dogs or if they have a certain medical or health concern. 

Why do dogs mark with urine?

You may have noticed your dog peeing on a car wheel or a wall or even a toy that they are attached to. Wondering why do dogs pee on things? Dogs do this mostly because:

  • When a male dog is unneutered or a female dog is not spayed, they will likely want to mark their spot by peeing on it. Female dogs might start urine marking earlier or during their heat. But remember, this behaviour may continue even after your dog is neutered or spayed. 
  • When your dog has met a new dog they will mark their territory to make sure the other dog keeps their boundaries. A dog is very territorial when it comes to things they love which can be their home, the route they are taken on for walks, the yard, parks or anything familiar and close to them. 
  • A male dog may sometimes urine mark when they come around a female dog. Marking the territory around the female as a sign to other male dogs that she belongs to him. 
  • Anxiety can be a minor cause of urine marking. Some other causes can be:
    • A new person or dog
    • A new environment
    • Loud and startling sounds

Medical Causes 

  • Urinary tract infection: When a dog has a urinary tract infection it can usually pass small amounts of urine.
  • Involuntary urination: Dogs can endure urinary incontinence where the dog’s bladder becomes weak and involuntarily passes urine. Dogs with this health condition may urinate while sleeping without being aware that they are doing so.

 Few things to note:

  • Sometimes your dog may urinate even without the intention of marking something. This can happen when your dog meets someone new, when they are playing or when they are being punished.
  • If you leave your dog at home for a while, they may experience detachment or separation anxiety. This might cause your dog to urinate around the house 
  • It is necessary to toilet train your dog to avoid them soiling your home. They will mostly pee in places that they like and are more frequently around. To avoid this you can use any toilet training products like the toilet training spray, pee pads etc.
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