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Save up to 60% Sitewide! Use code PET20 for Extra Savings.
Top 10 gifts for pet parents! - Petsy

Top 10 gifts for pet parents!

Be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or festivals, every celebrations calls for gifts! When we shop for gifts, we often match gift to personality, right? That said, what do you gift someone who devotes all their time to raising and loving a four-legged furry baby?

As challenging as shopping for a pet parent might seem, here's a list of all the gifts they would absolutely adore!

1. Pet Portrait Mugs

Pet portrait mugs are a one-of-kind gift for pet parents who love to enjoy their morning cup of tea or coffee. Customised pet portrait mugs are often bought at printing stores, photography studios, and gifting stores. They come in varied sizes, colours, and textures so that you can choose the best fit for your pet parent!

2. Personalised Cushions

Personalised cushions are growing increasingly common as gifting options these days - whether it is a quote that reminds them of their pet's personality or a memorable picture of the pet, cushions are a go-to gifting idea for when you find yourself with limited options. You can find personalised cushions on reliable websites that custom make home decor.

3. Exclusive Gift Boxes

More often than not, a pet parent will be more than happy to receive a gift that strengthens their bond with their pets - and what better than scrumptious treats to do that! Petsy, along with MARS has curated scrumptious gift boxes that tantalise their taste buds and satisfy every dripping drool and irresistible meow! Better yet, these gift boxes can be gifted on multiple occasions, be it birthdays, festivals, or just as a thank you for being the incredible pet that they are!

4. Pet Fridge Magnets
Gift pet parents attractive, crazy, and innovative fridge magnets and see them deck up their refrigerators with what reminds them of their pets! You could also gift them picture-framed bone or paw-shaped magnets, along with pet-themed calendar magnets.

5. Pet Necklaces & Pendants
Perfect for dog and cat moms (and dads), customised photo necklaces/pendants make for excellent gifts that they will cherish forever! Besides, it's what they'd wear closest to the heart. 

6. Pet Nameplate

A house nameplate should include the names of all the family members, isn't it? How about adding the pet's name to the house name plate too? This is surely going to make the pet parents proudly flaunt it!

7. Family Portrait
Nothing compares to the joy of having the perfect family photo! You could also choose to personalise this portrait with a quote that resonates with the memories of the family pet!

8. Digital Pet Painting

Digital pet paintings are a one-of-a-kind gift that stay with a pet parent for a long time - reminding them of every memory with their pet!

9. Personalised T-shirts
Add to the joy of pet parents by gifting them personalized t-shirts with some cool lines describing their love for their pets. A set of matching outfits also makes a great gift.   

10. Pet Wall Clock
Pet parents are going to love this and will certainly make a superb piece of decor. This is surely going to remind pet parents of the happy-go-lucky nature of their pets whenever they lay eyes on the clock.

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