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Why Guinea Pigs Make the Best Pets - Petsy

Why Guinea Pigs Make the Best Pets

Guinea Pigs are the cutest and most adorable fluffy rodents that will make your hearts swell with love and adoration. They need your love and care to help them grow. There are a few things you should know before getting a guinea pig. Some of them are:

Long-term commitment
Guinea pigs live for 6-8 years and in some cases even longer. These fluffy babies require a long-term home. When deciding to adopt a guinea pig, there needs to be a checklist that contains their needs and requirements that will help them live a long and happy life.

Guinea pigs need a comfortable home
Guinea pigs need a comfortable cage as small cages make it uncomfortable for them to move around and trust us when we say that they move around a lot. Sometimes when 2 guinea pigs are sharing a cage, it is even cramped for them to move, because they need at least a 7 square feet area. Their cages aren’t costly and can be bought easily from a pet store or even online.

They love to eat
These cute rodents need a lot of food to get them through the day. When adopting a guinea pig, you need to make a list of food items they can eat and stock up well in advance Their diets mostly contain an eighth cup of pellets, some fresh vegetables, and lots and lots of timothy hay. 

They need regular grooming
Guinea pigs have “open root” teeth, which implies they are steadily growing. Guinea pigs need hay to help them develop their teeth well. Toenails, too need to be groomed every once in a while. Their furry body needs to be combed to free them from knots, bedding, and mats.

These tiny creatures can be noisy
Guinea pigs are cute but they can be quite noisy too. They make a wheeking sound which sounds like a squeal or whistle when they are excited or when they need something. They can be quite responsive to different movements or sounds which cause them to be noisy. For example, when they know that it is time to eat or when they are hungry when they hear noises of the refrigerator or cabinets which contain their food. They also make a lot of noise when they run out of hay in their cage.

Guinea pigs are adorable, fluffy, and super delicate rodents who need a lot of attention and care so that they are comfortable in their surroundings. Therefore, when thinking of getting a Guinea pig home, you can keep these things in mind to make an informed decision and provide care and comfort to them. 

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