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What to Take Along for Your First Vet Visit? - Petsy

What to Take Along for Your First Vet Visit?

The feeling of getting a furry baby home can be overwhelming yet distressing because you want to provide them with the best care and nourishment. You have so many questions as a new pet parent and you look up to an expert to answer all of them. But when should you first visit the vet? Is it immediately after you welcome the pup home or should you wait for a while?

Petsy has invited a vet expert, Dr. Amrita Deb on board to address your pet parenting queries starting with ‘What to take along for your first vet visit?’

  • Dr. Amrita recommends that pet parents wait for 2- 3 days after getting their pup before they see a veterinarian. 
  • During this time, they should follow the care sheet provided by the breeder, shop, foster parents etc which should include diet, feed timings, quantity and any supplements. Try not to change this for at least a week after getting the pup or until you see the veterinarian. 
  • When you have had the pup for a few days, you will be able to compile a list of questions specific to your pup to carry along on your first vet visit like their diet, behaviour, health or any other concerns.
  • Also ask the breeder for records of date of birth and any vaccination or deworming medicines given, along with the veterinarian’s stamp and signature.
  • Make sure you ask whether the pet’s mother has had her annual rabies vaccine the previous year because she will be passing on antibodies to protect the pup until it has had vaccines. 
  • Carry along a list or photographs of any products or supplements you are using for your pup, along with the name of the puppy food that you’ve been feeding them.
  • After examining your puppy, the vet should be able to go over your routine with your puppy and suggest any modifications, if required.

We hope this helps new pet parents understand everything about their pet’s first vet visit.

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