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Why Adopt a Pet? - Petsy

Why Adopt a Pet?

What is it to love unconditionally and wholeheartedly? Or rather, who love us that way?

Over the past two years, the pandemic has brought humans and their pets closer than ever before, and with more and more people deciding to share their love with pets, there comes a reason now than ever before to decide on why to adopt.

You say NO to back-yard breeding and puppy/kitty mills
During the pandemic, there was a surge in the number of puppies finding forever homes. So much so that people began buying puppies/kittens from backyard breeders and puppy mills, i.e. those businesses without a license to ethically breed puppies or kittens, because they couldn't wait to get a Golden Retriever or Persian cat home. Puppy/kitty mills are inhumane places where puppies and kittens are 'mass bred' and sold for prices less than what you'd pay a licensed breeder. Now you might wonder - what's wrong with that? Well, backyard breeders and mills more often than not raise dogs in unhygienic kennels with no exercise nor nutritious food. In short, they are profit-driven businesses that churn out pups and kitties, paying little to no attention to the mother and her babies. Puppies and kittens bought from such places have a 98% chance of developing illnesses and behavioral issues as they grow older, simply because they weren't fed well, left their mother too early (less than 8 weeks), or weren't socialized enough. When you adopt a pet, you invariably reduce the number of pets being bought and sold through such inhumane practices. 

You learn to look beyond appearance 
We're all flawed, and while we learn to accept our every mood, every curve, every quirky trait, let's not forget that it's not always about being perfect. Somewhere out there is a dog with one blind eye helping a lonely child find a friend in him or a three-legged cat offering much-needed comfort to her grieving parent. Adoption teaches us to look beyond appearance because, at the end of a hard day, all we need is a wet nose, soothing purrs, and a million warm furry hugs. 

You feel proud for having saved a life
It is an accomplishment - to have the heart to adopt, care for, and raise a pet that would've been homeless if not for you! When you come back home to those happy woofs and merry meows, you realize the pride of loving an animal that needed a home rather than buying an animal that was merely bred for a home. 

There's a pet for every home and a home for every pet
Much unlike the breeding business, adoption can help you find the perfect pet for your lifestyle. A home with children would prefer an energetic puppy/kitty, whereas a home with older working adults or senior citizens may find it better to adopt a senior pet - one who is potty-trained knows basic commands, and is the perfect cuddle buddy! Adoption helps you choose pets at different life stages, ensuring that every pet is a perfect fit for his/her family. 

It's financially less burdening
When you adopt a pet from a pet adoption center, you save the cost of having to pay the high price that unlicensed and licensed breeders charge. Moreover, pets from adoption centers are known to be healthier than purebreds simply because they are genetically hardier and less susceptible to illnesses - this means spending less at the vet too! 

They say love knows no bounds, and that is especially true when it comes to pets - when one loves unconditionally, we experience unbridled joy and unexplainable comfort in their presence, and that is how pets love us - wholeheartedly - for every strength, for every flaw. 

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