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Use Code NEW100 to save 100 off 700 on your first purchase!*
Why do pets need a personal bed?

Why do pets need a personal bed?

Curling up and sleeping with your pet is a great feeling..

As much as your pet loves to steal your heart and your bed with a wagging tail and an innocent face, there are several reasons why it may not be such a good idea.

  • Their personal space: Even though your pet doesn't always want to lounge in their bed, they must have a place they can claim as their own around the house. 
  • Health: Struggling to climb on the bed or the couch very often may be bad news for your pet's health. Especially if your pet has health conditions like arthritis or joint pain. Sleeping on the floor everyday is not a good idea either as it causes discomfort and can be harmful too.
  • Cleanliness: It can get messy around the house if your pet lounges anywhere and everywhere. Instead of making it tedious by cleaning the fur, stains and eliminating odour throughout the house, it's always better to keep your pet's area clean to maintain hygiene around the house. Don't forget about the struggle when you have to meticulously get rid of fleas and ticks around the house!
  • A good night's sleep: Even though sleeping with your pet seems comforting and relaxing for you or vice versa, it can cause discomfort when tossing, turning or adjusting to their sleeping positions.

Petsy tips:

Before picking a bed for your pet, make sure the bed is

  • Of the right size for your pet
  • Provides maximum comfort to your pet
  • Fits your budget
  • Convenient to wash and clean
  • Vet approved if your pet has a certain health condition

With a good bed, your pet will sleep more comfortably, feel better and relaxed. Let your pet settle down for a sweet dream-filled snooze on the bed of their dreams.

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