A little bit more about BarkButler

What is the inspiration behind your brand name?

Initially, we started off as a subscription service for premium toys and natural treats. The idea was to make a pet parent’s day to day life easier by automating their pet’s shopping. Hence, the name stuck.



What drives you every day to continue building your brand?

When we step out or on social media, we see dogs who are starving, abused or injured. We do help wherever we can but to truly make a difference, we need to build a safe place for them where they will be fed well, loved and receive timely media attention. To build this dream we established BarkButler.



What is one milestone that you are particularly proud of in your journey so far?

We helped a few dogs get adopted and converted a few viewpoints from ‘I’m scared of dogs’ to ‘OMG he/she is so cute’.



What made you want to collaborate with Petsy?

We share a similar brand ideology with Sinal and Veer at Petsy. Also, we love working with brands and constantly look forward to growing together. 



What is your mission going forward?

Build our brand, increase adoptions and respect animals.



And a little bit about Rushil and Kanav

What animal would describe your personalities to be and why?

An owl for sure since we are up all night working as our dogs keep us occupied during the day.



Imagine you were applying for a job. If we asked your pet for a reference on you, what would your pet say?

They share food.