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Bio-Groom Pet Care Products

Grooming your pet, be it a cat or dog is always a healthy practice. It keeps their coat clean and removes any dead skin and germs. Grooming can be used as time set aside for you and your pet to spend together as a fun bonding activity.
Bio-Groom grooming range is a great option to consider as all these products are cruelty-free and soap-free, pure and natural that cleanse thoroughly without stripping the natural protective oils from skin and coat. The bio groom super white shampoo is a rich and foamy texture that rinses out quickly and is specially formulated for white and light color cat coats. While this is smooth and easy to use, bio groom shampoo has a select range of dry shampoos for the hassle and fuss-free grooming. It can be used during unfavourable weather, unwell pets and spot cleaning. The Indulge products are made from 100% pure Argan Oil from the hills of Morocco with a natural source of Vitamin E, Linoleic Acid and Omega-6 fatty acids. Choose from a variety of Bio-groom products for your pet on Petsy’s online pet store.