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Cat Litter

As cat parents, we soon realize that as important as food, treats and toys are, so is cat litter. A must-have on every cat parent shopping list, cat exclusive litter comes in different types and textures. Remember, the best way to decide the best litter for your cat is to allow him/her to try out different types of cat exclusive litter, following which you can stick to what he/she likes best. If you want to change your cat's litter at any point, doing it gradually, i.e. over a period of time as opposed to a sudden change, it's best to avoid making a mess as a result of cats avoiding the new litter.

Dos and Don'ts of Cat Litter

You would like a clean toilet, right? Well, so does your cat. Cats are often particularly concerned about the cleanliness, placement, and odor of their litter boxes. As a rule of thumb, it is best to have two litter boxes for every cat. For example, if you have two cats at home, you will need four litter boxes placed at different corners in the house. Moreover, it is imperative to keep your cats' litter boxes in top condition any time of the day, i.e. a clean litter tray and frequently cleaned litter. A litter box that is dirty or has litter that isn't cleaned may cause a cat to the toilet outside the box. That said, cat litter online must be emptied and replaced at least once a week. Furthermore, cat litter scoops, cat litter deodorizer, and litter box wipes are a few of the many products that can help you maintain your kitty's litter box. At Petsy, we offer a wide range of cat litter products to keep your cat's litter box squeaky clean!