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Cat litter

As a cat parent, cat food and cat litter are the most important things to add on your shopping list. While cat litter is available in various forms and types, it’s best to pick what your cat likes. If you want to change their litter type, do it gradually as sudden change may result in them avoiding the litter tray.

Dos and Don'ts of cat litter

Cats are as particular about their cat litter & boxes as they are about grooming themselves. It’s necessary to keep the litter tray clean and refilled with fresh cat litter frequently. If the cat litter sand is dirty or the litter box is being shared by another cat, they may avoid using the litter. Emptying the litter tray at least once a week and having separate litter boxes for each cat is the best practice. Cat litter scooplitter deodorizer and litter box wipes are some of the things which come in handy to maintain litter hygiene practices. Petsy’s online pet store is equipped with all the purrfect products for your kitty.