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Cat Toys: Boredom busting toys

Kitties like human babies spend most of their hours sleeping. However, they need some physical activity to indulge in when they are awake to foster their growth and development. Cat toys are one of the best ways to keep your cat engaged, entertained and fit, both physically and mentally. Toys for cats include various options such as interactive teasers, snuggle toys, scratchers, solo play toys and much more. Also, catnip toys are really popular as they provide overwhelming happiness to cats and are completely harmless. Shop on Petsy’s online pet store for the best boredom busting toys for your pet.

A purrfect toy for every cat

Every cat loves to scratch but when it comes to toys, they all have different choices. From a variety of toys for cats to choose from, pick the ones that suit your kitty’s behaviour the best. Active cats may love ball toys and teasers, playful cats may like interactive wands while some cats may also like challenging puzzles, tunnels and laser toys. Teaser cat toys are bright or have sound effects to entice curious kitties. Catnip toys are perfect for lazy kitties who don’t like to move around much. Cat playing games help maintain their physical health and encourage mental stimulation. Pick from a range of interactive, solo play, snuggle and scratch cat toys India on Petsy’s online pet store.