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Dog Bowls: Dog Feeding Accessories

At Petsy you can find a wide range of dog bowls, puppy bowls and drinking bottles for every dog from peckish puppies to hungry giants. Dog feeding bowls can differ in terms of size, material, type etc and your pets eating habits are no different. Slow feeder bowls encourage dogs to eat slowly and mindfully, thereby enhancing digestion. The Outwards Hound Fun Feeder is a great interactive and puzzle dog bowl that makes meal time even more fun! Foldable bowls for meal times on the go can be popped open and close making it easier to carry around. Double bowls are ideal for serving food and water together. 

Choose from a range of dog bowls

If you’re worried about a dog bowl looking out of place in your decor, pick a range of beautiful hand-painted kashmir bowls made out of stainless less, or bowls made of hammered copper that are functional, stylish and can be used by humans too! If simple is your pick, then M-pets and Trixie anti-slip bowls that are dishwasher safe and super easy to handle. Shop on Petsy’s online pet store for the best range of pet food and dog bowls in India.