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Dental Care for Dogs

Oral hygiene is vital for both humans and their canine companions. Dogs need regular dental care to prevent complex oral complications as they age. Our dogs use their teeth to pick up things, bite/chew food, play etc. That said, teeth in poor condition lead to a host of dental problems, some of which may cost your dog their life. Brushing your dog’s teeth with a dog toothpaste and/or rinsing with the best dental wash for dogs helps remove tartar and prevent gingivitis. Likewise, dog chew toys and dental treats also help to eliminate tartar, alongside strengthening a dog’s jaw.

Dog toothpaste most often has a taste that is appealing to most dogs - this makes dog teeth brushing easier and quicker. Remember, however, to never use human toothpaste for dogs. It is also crucial to schedule regular veterinary visits for dental scaling to ensure good oral hygiene.

From small dog dental care to preventative care for large dog dental problems, at Petsy, you can be assured to find a comprehensive range of dog dental care items, from fresh breath water additives, dental foam, mint and tea tree dog toothpastes, dog tooth wipes, plaque sprays, plaque gel, dental wash for dogs.