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Dog stain and odour control

As a pet parent, you may be aware about the inevitable stain and odour situation while your pup is growing up. It might take some time for your pet to develop a habit, but it’s necessary to maintain hygiene while they learn to follow. When accidents happen and your dog may end up soiling the carpet or the couch, it’s necessary to have a dog pee odour remover and stain remover handy. Dog odour remover keeps your surroundings clean and hygienic in easy-to-use spray bottles. 

Your dog may be smelling like a “dog”, due to a variety of reasons. He may have rubbed himself in some bird-poo (which they often do!), or the time between grooming sessions may be a bit too long, there could be skin conditions etc. Simple dog smell removers include natural and organic dog sprays / dog colognes / dog perfumes and dry shampoos that not only smell pleasant but also leave your dog feeling fresh in between their bath schedules. Keeping your dog’s coat dry, especially during Monsoon and rainy weather is also key to maintaining good hygiene. 

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Petsy’s online pet store has a range of top quality nasty free dog smell removers to create a safe and hygienic environment. You can be assured you'll be getting one which is safe for your family.