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Dog Toys: Cherishing Playtime

Playtime is every dog’s favorite. It gives you the perfect bonding opportunity with your dog and in fact very important for your dog’s overall health and happiness. Whether it’s a never ending game of chase & tug, learning new tricks, or a toss and turn around with a treat dispensing toy, dog toys stimulate your dog’s mind whilst keeping him/her healthy through physical activity.

At Petsy, we have a wide range of dog toys online from chew toys which promote dental care and distract puppies from chewing household items or your favourite shoes, plush toys that provide comfort, chase & tug toys that reinforce human-canine bonds.

Whilst boredom may be frustrating or plain annoying for humans, boredom can actually cause stress in dogs. Therefore ensuring that your pet is physically and mentally stimulated daily is of extreme importance. Interactive toys such as treat-dispensing toys or puzzles can keep your pet engaged for hours!

Dog Toys: Durable & Safe at Petsy 

Petsy carries the best dog toys from the top-rated brands like Nylabone, Kong, GiGwi, BarkButler, Outward Hound and many more. The toys are made of durable and safe materials that are intended to last many hours of play time!