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Sample - Whiskas Adult Salmon in Jelly (1 x 85g Pouch)

Sample - Whiskas Adult Tuna in Jelly (1 x 85g Pouch)

Sample - Dentstix for Small Breeds (x3 sticks)

Sample - Temptations Cat Treats Tuna (12g)

Sample - Pedigree Puppy Small Dog - Lamb & Milk (90g)

Sample - Get Naked Cat Treats Cat Health (8g)

Sample - Temptations Cat Treats Chicken (12g)

Sample - 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo (Mango Tango) (30ml)

Sample - Whiskas Adult Coley in Jelly (1 x 85g Pouch)

Sample - Whiskas Adult Whitefish in Jelly (1 x 85g Pouch)

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Dogsee treats for dogs are 100% natural, preservative-free, vegetarian, gluten, and grain-free, and are rich in protein and calcium. The Dogsee Chew bars are delicious Himalayan cheese treats made for small, medium, and large breed dogs. They are made from Himalayan cheese that is smoked and sun-dried for 35 days which causes the cheese to become hard and makes it suitable for dogs to chew on it for long periods. Dogsee bars when chewed for long periods become soft and then get stuck into the dog's teeth and this helps clean their teeth and controls plaque and tartar.
Dogsee Crunch treats are delicious and crunchy treats made with natural ingredients with no harmful tastemakers and preservatives. The crunchy treats are freeze-dried and fat separated which keep all the healthy nutrients intact; they are vegan, gluten-free and grain-free. Dogsee Crunch treats come in delicious flavours like beetroot, banana, apple and coconut that are 100% safe and healthy to consume for all dogs.