A little more about Furvilla

What is the inspiration behind your brand name?

I have chosen Furvilla because - My furbaby Mili Anand is the inspiration behind the Furvilla. She is a fashionista and loves wearing new accessories and outfits. And this is the villa where mostly all pet accessories and outfits for fur babies are available. The name is unique in India.


What is one milestone that you are particularly proud of in your journey so far? 

We started on 12.05.2019 which also happens to be Mili's birthday with the objective of bringing quality pet accessories ( Bandana, bows, pet outfit, etc. very shortly we will introduce new products) under a single roof and making it available across India at pocket-friendly rates.

I am particularly proud of supplying a wide and diversified range of pet accessories and pet outfits, which don't compromise quality and give customers value for money and instill their confidence in us.  

Above all, we are animal lovers and go out of our way to care for the less fortunate animals. Hence, with the desire to continue helping the less-fortunate animals, we started Furvilla. The proceeds from our sales are used to support the less-fortunate animals to the best extent we can!


What made you want to collaborate with Petsy?

Personally I love Petsy and the opportunity the platform would provide to market Furvilla! As we are a small setup, Petsy provides us with marketing and promotional support. Petsy provides an amazing platform for our products.


A little bit about Sharmistha Deb, founder of Furvilla

Imagine you were applying for a job. If we asked your pet for a reference on you, what would your pet say?

Loyal, creative and smart worker who can manage multiple tasks at once.  



What animal would describe your personality and why?

Obviously dog! My customers can vouch for my loyalty. 



What motivates you to continue Furvilla?

My motivation is our CEO Mili Anand (our puppy). I know how much she loves wearing new accessories, dresses etc. I always imagine the same with other fur babies and I know all these take my sleep away and push me towards something new.