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Food for guinea pigs

Guinea pig food should contain Vitamin C since it doesn't get formulated on its own for them. Their diet must consist of Vitamin C-rich food items like bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, etc which are great for their daily intake. In addition, supplement guinea pig’s hay with a small number of high-quality pellets and serve lots of water to them.

What guinea pigs shouldn’t eat?

Junk food items should be strictly off-limits for guinea pigs as they may contain ingredients like onions or garlic combined with other selective guinea pig food ingredients that are safe for them. Other fruits and vegetables like avocado, cabbage, corn kennels, grapes, coconut, etc are a strict no-no for them as it could cause serious digestive problems.

Best food for Guinea pigs

Feed guinea pigs with high-quality food which is specially formulated for them and when required, gradually transition to a new food type to avoid digestive problems. Choose from the best of high-quality guinea pig food online options available on Petsy.