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Sample - Kennel Kitchen Wet Cat Food - Fish Chunks in Gravy (80g)

Sample - Gourmet Tender Duck Mousse

Sample - Pawsh Anti Irritant Shampoo For Cat & Dogs (50ml)

Sample - Gourmet Tender Chicken Mousse

Sample - Pawsh Brightening Coat Shampoo For Dogs (50ml)

Sample - Gourmet Tender Turkey Mousse

Sample - Whiskas Ocean Fish (Adult) 50g

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It is necessary to take care of cats and dogs overall health which includes your pet’s dental health as well. Petkin offers several good quality grooming products at reasonable prices which are designed to take care of your pet's health. Ingredients used in Petkin products are 100% safe to use for pets and they only contain healthy ingredients. Petkin products must pass two simple and important tests: The quality should be the best it can be and the product should be easy to use.
All Petkin products are quality tested by experts before they are offered to customers and all products are proven to be effective.
Petkin uses ingredients like herbal extract, essential protein, aloe vera, vitamin A and E, botanical extracts, etc. that are made to be mild and gentle and make sure that no harm is caused to pets.
Petkin has products like Petkin pet wipes, Petkin ear wipes, Petkin floss bone, and much more that are available on Petsy's online store.