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Sample - Kennel Kitchen Wet Cat Food - Fish Chunks in Gravy (80g)

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Petwale products for dogs are stylish and super convenient for everyday use. Petwale collars, leashes, etc. come in vibrant colors that ace up your dog’s style game.
Petwale martingale collars are a little looser than normal collars which help cause less fur breakout, tangle, and skin irritation. It is made with comfortable fabrics and rust-proof metallic fittings.
The Petwale leash secures scared, aggressive, or excited dogs from escape when they pull while they are outdoors. It is made of soft fabrics that make it itch-free and comfortable to use.
The pet walk multi-function leash has seven different uses. This leash can be used as a long leash or a short-tighter hold, to tie them at a distance or to keep them close by, hands-free dog walking or to walk 2 dogs together.