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🐱✨ 50% Off on Sheba Dry Cat Food!

Prescription Cat Food


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Prescription Diet Cat Food: Veterinary Recommended

Finding the right food for the cat is very important for maintaining your feline friend’s health. Cats are carnivorous in nature and need a rich diet consisting of meat and fish. They need a wholesome amount of proteins to stay healthy and fit. Cats can also be picky eaters and it might take some time for you to find the right food which is appealing to them. Due to the appetizing nature of wet food, cats tend to like it more as compared to dry food. An added advantage is that the moisture content in wet food is high, it keeps cats hydrated. While dry food is a great option for free-feeding cats ie. when pet parents are away and leave a free feeding bowl for their cats. It may not be very appealing to the cats, but mixing water might make it appetizing for them. They need a protein and flavor-packed meal that consists of different ingredients that cater to their diet like chicken, salmon, tuna, mackerel, ocean fish, and much more.
For cats who may be having health issues, they need a specialized diet consisting of prescription food. Prescription cat foods have all the nutrients for cats with health concerns. These prescription foods are specially formulated, are vet-approved keeping in mind the pet's overall health plan and specific needs.
Prescription cat food can benefit health issues like weight management, food allergies, sensitivities, urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal disease, diabetes, proper heart functioning, kidney disease, and skin conditions. Prescription food for cats is provided by top brands like Hills Prescription Diet and Royal Canin.
Hills Prescription Diet cat food provides therapeutic nutrition for cats and kittens with special health conditions like urinary care, dental care, kidney care, and more.
Royal Canin has a special range of food for urinary infections, renal problems, gastrointestinal issues, obesity and more.
A very important note: Before giving the cat any prescribed food, it is necessary to consult the vet. When starting a new prescribed diet, it is necessary to follow the directions given by the vet or on the pack for best results.
If there are more questions concerning prescription food, just ask Petsy. Petsy's online store has a wide range of Hill's Prescription Diet food and Royal Canin food products available.

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