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Puppy Food

Petsy is here to guide you every step of the way of your pet parenting journey! First comes first, puppy food. Puppy food comes in dry and wet varieties - both healthy and extremely tasty. Puppy food is best fed as per your puppy's age, breed size, health conditions, and, more importantly, in consultation with a veterinarian. Breed-specific puppy food helps to meet caloric demands at a rate your puppy's breed is supposed to grow. For example, large-breed puppy food helps bigger pups grow gradually enough that they have time to develop strong bones and joints, whereas small breed formulas provide concentrated nutrition in small, bite-size kibbles that meet a smaller puppy’s high metabolic needs. No matter which brand of puppy food you choose, always remember to consult your veterinarian for certain allergens so as to avoid tummy troubles.

Puppy Toys

Puppy toys serve several purposes - to help with teething, encourage physical activity, challenge the brain, provide comfort and so on. Teething toys relieve discomfort caused by growing adult teeth. Teething causes puppies to nip, bite, and chew on everything because their gums feel tingly as the new set of teeth start to grow in. For this, add chew toys and teething sticks to your pup's toy basket! Rope toys, balls, and discs are meant to encourage physical activity and strengthen the bond that you have with your pup through exercise and play. Contrarily, interactive puzzle toys are meant to challenge a pup's brain to think and find the best possible outcome through fun games. Interactive puzzle toys come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and textures for you to pick what suits your pup best! Lastly, plush toys help to provide comfort and a sense of security. For puppies that have just left their litter, a plush toy mimics the warmth and company of their littermates, thereby making the transition into their new home much easier.

Puppy House Training & Cleaning

When there's a new puppy, there's bound to be messes everywhere - just until they are potty trained! During this time of teaching them to toilet outside, practising good hygiene at home is important, and for this, pet-friendly floor cleaners, training aids, pee pads and pee stain removers are extremely helpful. Soon after your pup has learnt to toilet outside the house, you can carry poop scoops and/or poop bags to pick up after them while on walks or at the beach/park.

Puppy Grooming

Ahh, the pleasant puppy smell when your pup first arrives home. It's all too delightful until your home soon starts to smell of pee and poop, right? Proper grooming right from the start is essential to maintain good skin health and a healthy coat appearance. To start with, puppies shouldn't be bathed until they are three weeks old, and once they turn three weeks, they need to be bathed only once a month to avoid falling sick. In times where you have a mucky pupper rolled in wet mud or freshly mowed grass, it is best to use pet wipes to get all the dirt and smell off. There are several wipes, each for a particular part of the body - ears, eyes, paws, and teeth. Furthermore, during bathtime, it is best to use a gentle tear-free puppy shampoo. Subsequently, allow your pet to dry in the sun and then brush his/her coat with a slicker brush and/or a pin comb. If you notice the presence of ticks and fleas, you can use a tick and flea comb followed by a tick and flea spray.

Personalized ID Tags

You can now ensure your dog’s safety with custom ID tags engraved with your dog’s name and your contact details. We all know how curious pup's get, right? But now, all you have to do is attach these personalized dog tags to your pup's collar whenever he/she is out on a walk or playing at the beach/park. During an event of an accidental escape, it is easier for someone to reach out to you with your missing pup if he/she is wearing your contact details. Our personalised ID tags are made from high-quality material, making them durable, long-lasting, and completely safe.

Puppy Collars

It is important to choose a collar that best suits your dog’s age, breed and size. Martingale collars are extremely helpful in training your puppy to walk on the leash, especially if it is for the first time. They are best paired with long leashes to allow your pup to run around in the park, whilst ensuring you have some control. In addition to using a collar and leash, it is important to get your pup used to a harness. Harnesses are beneficial for when your pup tugs on the leash and ends up choking and damaging the nerves on her neck.

Puppy Bedding

Even if your fur babies like your bed at night, it is important that they have a special space that's their own. While choosing your dog's bed, it is important to consider his/her age, size, breed, sleeping habits (likes to curl up or stretch wide) and existing health conditions. Remember, dog beds are crucial to ensure comfort, safety, and security - all of which must factor into your decision of selecting the right dog bed. At Petsy, you can choose from a range of mats, lounger beds, basket beds and cosy blankets to ensure your little one is as comfy as comfy can be!

Puppy Treats

Dog treats are a staple stock up for any pet parent. They serve several purposes, be it satisfying your puppy’s need to chew or teaching them the rules of the house. Treats work wonders for pups who are prey-driven, i.e. motivated to do something because of food. Puppy treats, be it jerkies, chewies, biscuits, nuggets, or cookies, are designed to taste incredibly yummy and to last long! At Petsy, we have an exquisite assortment of the best puppy treats from top-rated brands that will leave your pup drooling for more!