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Wet Cat Food

By nature, cats are carnivores which means that they not only love but also require a diet rich in meat. Wet Cat Food offers your feline friend the animal protein they need to ensure they stay healthy and strong. But that’s not only it! Wet Cat Food also helps keep your cat hydrated which is quite important as cats generally tend to consume very small amounts of water on their own. Just like humans, water plays a very important role in digestion and good health.

Wet Cat Food and Hydration

Two simple solutions to avoid dehydration in your cat is to either add some wet cat food to your cat’s meals or you could simply add water to dry kibble. Keeping a mixture of wet and dry cat food keeps the texture varied and the diet balance. The benefit of incorporating cat wet food is that it is easier to make sure your feline friend is getting the optimal mix of nutrients. With a wide range of flavours and textures like salmon, chicken and gravies, chunks etc even the pickest of eaters is sure to find something they will devour. In case you’re worried about free-feeding your cat, you could always leave a bowl of dry kibble for your cat to snack on during the day.