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Petsy’s Summer Madness Sale Live Now! Up to 40% off treats, wet food, accessories & More
Petsy’s Summer Madness Sale Live Now! Up to 40% off treats, wet food, accessories & More

About us

Meet The Founders

Petsy has its humble beginnings from a very personal story; as dog lovers and pet parents of the world's best dog (yes, every pet parent says this).

Baxter came into our lives and changed it forever. For us, Baxter is a companion that always loves, a friend that never judges and a child that is always ready to have some fun. He is truly the heart and soul of our family.

As pet parents, we totally understand the feeling of celebrating life with your pet. Somethings just can’t be explained; be it the excitement of shopping for your pet, the comfort of a cuddle or the workday guilt. We know the pet-parenting journey is full of up’s and down’s, but what if you had someone to hold your hand and support your through this journey?

Baxter ignited a passion so strong that we saw ourselves travelling from Australia to Mumbai to share our love for pets with India.

We Promise

Our Mission

Petsy was born with a mission to educate, empower and inspire pet parents to become extraordinary yet responsible pet parents.

The Petsy Promise

Whether you are a new pet parent or an expert in your field, we’re here to support you in your pet-parenting journey.

Local Matters

We believe in supporting our local community. For us, it is about nurturing local businesses so that we can grow together, and in turn provide the best products and services to enrich the lives of pets.

That is why at Petsy, a large proportion of our products are sourced from independent curators based in India.

Giving Back

In our eyes, the world is a better place with animals. We believe every animal deserves an identity and the right to be treated equally.

We pride ourselves on the commitment we have made to make a positive difference in the lives of less fortunate animals. As such, when you purchase through Petsy, part proceeds are used toward supporting various animal welfare undertakings around India.

Petsy Makes a Difference