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Unlock Extra 7.5% Off on Orders Above INR 5000 - Use Code DREAMBIG at Checkout! 🚨

Did you know 80% of pets show dental disease signs by the age of 3?

As a responsible pet parent, its imperative that you introduce healthy habits into your pet's lifestyle to ensure a lifetime of wellness. Whether it's giving your pet dental treats, toys or brushing your pet's teeth everyday - dental care is a must!

At Petsy, we understand the pet parenting journey, and we're help to guide you in creating healthy habits.

Dental Treats

We hate smelly breath, they hate having their teeth brushed - yup, the never-ending problem! But, what if your pet’s teeth could be cleaned using treats? According to leading veterinarian Dr Gary Richter, dentals treats for dogs and cats work by scraping the tartar on the teeth as the pet chews on the treat. However, even the best dental chews do not replace brushing. Which means, dental treats are best used as a secondary preventative method for when teeth brushing is an absolute no-go. Whilst choosing dental treats, it is important to look for whether or not they suit your pet’s digestive system, age, and size. If your pet is allergic to certain ingredients or has a sensitive stomach, it is best to choose dental treats that leave no residue, are made of natural ingredients and are preservative free.

Dental treats work by their unique shape (x-shaped) and texture - both of which ease scraping of Tartar and preventing its build-up. Whilst choosing the best type of dental treats, be sure to take your pet’s size and age into consideration. Cats and small dogs have dental chews suited to their size while medium and large breeds have theirs. In addition to this, the size of the dental treat varies based on age. This is because most young and old pets cannot chew and fully digest a whole dental treat. At Petsy, you can find a wide range of dental treats for every age, breed, and size and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Dental Chew Toys

Dental chew toys are a perfect example of work getting done through play! These toys, like treats, help to scrape off Tartar and prevent its build-up. The difference? No calories and long-lasting fun. Dental chew toys are often recommended by veterinarians to prevent periodontal disease, halitosis, whitening of teeth, and teething. The coarse texture of dental chew toys help to scratch off plaque residues, which in turn, reduces smelly breath.

In addition to this, dental chew toys are often interactive and engaging, which means they channel a pet’s energy onto itself thereby preventing the pet from engaging in boredom-based destructive behaviour. As a puppy’s/kitty’s teeth grows, pressure from the teeth causes pain and discomfort, this leads to chewing on almost anything for relief. Dental chew toys relieve pain whilst stimulating the growth of the teeth toughening of gums in young puppies and kittens. Dental chew toys for dogs and cats come in multiple colours, textures, and sizes - each suited for a particular breed and age. At Petsy, you can find an extensive collection of the best quality chew toys for your pet, no matter their size!

Water Additives

Water additives are like a mouthwash for pets - they help to support gums and teeth by preventing Tartar and the build-up of plague. Water additives are added to a pet’s water bowl everyday and whilst they help with prevention and control, they are not a substitute to teeth brushing and solely complement dental care. So, how do additives work? Water additives contain enzymatic ingredients responsible for the breakdown of Tartar.

They also freshen your pet’s breath. According to most veterinarians, adding water additives to your pet’s drinking water everyday can improve their oral health by a large margin. Like water additives, tooth gels are another preventative tool that doesn’t involve brushing and rinsing. Tooth gels contain active enzymes that fight Tartar and plaque, whilst freshening your pet’s breath. They are fluoride-free formulas that act as precursors to dental upkeep. Find the best water additives and tooth gels for your pet only Petsy!

Toothbrushes & Dental Wipes

In preparation for your pet’s oral upkeep, dental kits play a significant role in helping you be organised. To start off, a toothbrush and paste are most crucial. Remember, no other preventative treatment can replace weekly teeth brushing, they only complement it. While choosing the best toothbrush and toothpaste for your pet, it is important to speak to a veterinarian about the type, size, and method of brushing.

This can help you ease yourself and your pet into weekly brushing. Tooth wipes are another excellent addition to your pet’s dental kit. They are free of parabens and alcohol, and keep your pet’s mouth smelling fresh, whilst eliminating Tartar and plaque. Dental kits must also have dental treats, dental chew toys, water additives, and tooth gels. At Petsy, you can find all your pet’s dental kit essentials right at your fingertips!

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