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Unlock Extra 7.5% Off on Orders Above INR 5000 - Use Code DREAMBIG at Checkout! 🚨

A Common Vision, A Common Mission

Petsy has partnered with Feline Club of India to work towards promoting the welfare of all cats.

We invite you to be a part of this mission, and join us at the next event!

Cat Shows

You know how marvellous your kitty truly is but, does the world do too?

The Feline Club of India, FCI, hosts cat shows with international championships across different states in India. Cat shows are a way of showcasing different breeds of cats, thereby promoting cat keeping, whilst simultaneously encouraging cat welfare. Cat shows are judged events where cats of different breeds and their parents/guardians enter competitions to win titles such as Champion and Grand Champion.

FCI hosted Asia's largest cat show at the CIDCO Exhibition Center in Mumbai with over 500 registerations. As we embark on this meow-ficent journet as the official digital sponsor of FCI, we hope to see you & your furry feline at the next FCI cat show!


The Feline Club of India holds seminars on feline disease awareness, feline disease protection & prevention, breed-specific health issues, breed standards, holistic nutrition and so on.

Renowned veterinarians along with the nation and international cat experts speak at FCI's feline conventions with an aim to increase awareness of the best ways to raise cats. FCI has conducted over 80 conventions both offline and in-person with a reach of over 1000 views both in India and internationally.

Registration Drives

Petsy has always vouched for the safety and identity of every cat out there, which is why FCI's registration drives are close to our hearts.

Registeration drives involve issuance of breed certificates and tracking of ancestral heritage of cats. Through this, they are able to provide a number of the cats in the country and to whom they belong, thereby minimising the ugly consequences of inbreeding and kitten mills across the country.

Registration drives take into account a cat's breed, colour, marking, and parent information. It also educated people, not just cat parents, about cat behaviour, cat grooming, cat nutrition and so on. In addition to this, registration drives also help to improve Indian cat's, i.e. Indie cat's breed standards.

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