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1. Kitten Food

Many kitten foods are available in dry or wet varieties. Both are healthy and tasty options.

It is really important that you feed your kitty food that is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your kitten. In particular, kittens need a diet with a higher energy and protein content, plus immune-boosting nutrients and the right balance of vitamins and minerals.

Another concern for new pet parents is regarding wet and dry food, or both. For a detailed article on wet vs dry food, click here

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2. Cat Litter & Accessories

Cats are as particular about their cat litter & boxes as they are about grooming themselves. It’s necessary to keep the litter tray clean and refilled with fresh cat litter frequently. If the cat litter sand is dirty or the litter box is being shared by another cat, they may avoid using the litter. Emptying the litter tray at least once a week and having separate litter boxes for each cat is the best practice. Cat litter scoop, litter deodorizer and litter box wipes are some of the things which come in handy to maintain litter hygiene practices.

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3. Cat Bedding

Cats are masters at snoozing and sleeping anywhere and everywhere around the house for approximately 12-16 hours every day. For the same reason, it’s a must to have cat bedding which is private and comfortable for them. 2 in 1 convertible cat beds or tipi tents to name a few! When choosing the right cat bed for your furry baby, make sure it’s the right size, easy to clean, convenient for your cat to get in and out of, provides maximum comfort, and is the perfect space for your cat’s long luxurious naps.

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