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Unlock Extra 7.5% Off on Orders Above INR 5000 - Use Code DREAMBIG at Checkout! 🚨

The first rains of the monsoon season brings the magic as the rain washes away the heat of scorching summers.

Whether your pet is one to curl up by the window as the rain splashes down, or one that can't wait to jump into puddles it's important we prepare to keep our fur babies healthy and safe during this time.

At Petsy, we understand the pet parenting journey, and we're help to guide you through this season


Even the most water-loving pets don’t like the rain. When you come to think of it, after sometime, even we’re bored of it too. As much as we dread it, it’s important to exercise our pets during the rain, simply because they can’t watch Netflix or bake cookies to take their mind off of the bad weather. Besides, staying indoors, especially without stimulation, leads to unnecessary stress that affects both the dog’s physical and mental health. So, how do you combine bad weather and outdoor exercise? Use a raincoat. Like with people, the right raincoat can make a world of difference in making a miserable walk to one that’s actually enjoyable for both pet and parent. Moreover, raincoats don’t require dogs to shake off excess water when they get home, which means less water puddles inside the house!

The primary purpose of a dog raincoat is to protect the dog’s fur from constantly getting wet. Fur that doesn’t dry well is a host to a variety of skin problem, both bacterial and fungal. When shopping for raincoats, remember to find the perfect fit. Every brand has a different size guide, which means your pet could be an extra small in one and a medium in another. That said, how an umbrella is to you, a raincoat is to your pet. Find the best raincoats for every age, breed, and size only on Petsy!

Flea & Tick Protection

Pets are prone to a number of infections from ticks and fleas during the monsoon, tick fever being the most common. In addition to this, pets are also prone to getting jaundice & gastrointestinal problems that can aggravate existing tick and flea infestations. In order to prevent tick-related diseases, it is best to prepare your pet and your home before the start of monsoon. To begin with, ensure you de-worm your pet at the start of monsoon. Speak to your veterinarian about various method of tick and flea prevention - tick collars, tick sprays, tick shampoos, and tick spot-ons. You can then devise the best method that works for your pet.

Ticks are particularly notorious for climbing onto bedding, furniture, curtains, carpets and so on. Hence, it’s important to wash your and your pet’s bedding frequently, especially if your pet is infested with ticks & fleas. Whilst you try your best to prevent ticks & fleas, it’s equally important to know the signs of tick fever to help with prompt treatment. A few of the common signs of tick fever are high-grade fever, loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting, bloody diarrhoea, and joint pain. If you notice any of these signs, ensure you contact your veterinarian immediately. Like always, prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to ticks & fleas!

Doggie Shoes

Dog booties, as they’re often called, have become an increasingly common essential for pets during monsoon. Dog shoes have other benefits apart from keeping paws dry & preventing infection. They help senior dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint problems from frostbites and cold sores, both of which lead to inflammation of their joints.

While choosing dog shoes, ensure you pick ones that are skid-resistant, waterproof, all-purpose, and durable. At Petsy, you can find dog shoes of the best quality for every age and breed.

Quick & Easy Grooming

Pet grooming during monsoon is considered quite the task. However, when done regularly, it can be quick & easy. Regardless of the weather outside, your dog needs to be brushed everyday. Long-haired breeds require a thorough brushing with a slicker brush, followed by de-tangling and tick & flea removal.

Short-haired breeds, on the other hand, can make do with a through brushing using a slicker brush/pin comb/metal brush followed by tick & flea removal. In addition to this, it is important to clean their ears once every 4-5 days. Monsoon is particularly known to cause severe ear and skin infections among both dogs and cats. After exercising, it is important to wash their dogs paws’ thoroughly to prevent recurrent fungal infection. It is also crucial to line the bottom of their paws with paw balm to prevent cracking and dryness, both of which are common during monsoon. Get all your pet grooming products online for every monsoon only at Petsy!

Indoor Games

Who said monsoon can’t be fun? Indoor games, like treasure hunts, indoor agility, puzzles, obedience training and toys are what make monsoon season fun & engaging. It’s always best to rotate games to prevent boredom, for example, if you choose to play treasure hunt on a particular day, then the next day needs to be something of a different challenge, such as indoor agility or a puzzle.

Depending on the weather and the feasibility of outdoor exercise, you can plan to keep indoor games short or long. Remember, however, that indoor games are not a substitute for outdoor activity - they only add to mental stimulation and enrichment when the weather outside prevents you from exercising. Choose the best indoor games at every challenge level for different breed and age only at Petsy!

Monsoon Walk Essentials For Dog

Does the rain get the better of you & your dog? Us too! But, here’s a fun way to enjoy walks in the rain with your dog - ZeeDog’s walk essentials for the monsoon! Made with soft & resistant polyester, their walk essentials are smooth on the fur, are fully adjustable and come with a 4-point lock system for added safety. They also have a quick dry technology which makes them a perfect pick for your dog’s monsoon essentials list!

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