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1. Puppy Food

Many puppy foods are available in dry or wet varieties. Both are healthy and tasty options.

There are also breed specific puppy foods available for example, large breed puppy food helps bigger pups grow at a rate gradual enough that they have time to develop strong bones and joints. Small-breed formulas provide concentrated nutrition in small, bite-size kibbles that meet a smaller puppy’s high metabolic needs. Whichever option you choose, it is recommended that you consult your vet to make sure that your puppy is receiving a balanced diet suited for its growth and development.

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2. Puppy Toys

There are many types of puppy toys which serve different purposes. Puppy teething toys help relieve the discomfort from the teething process. For example, the Kong Puppy or Teething Stick are great additions to your puppy’s toy basket.

There are also plush toys which help give your pup the much-needed comfort especially during their first few days at home in a new environment.

There are also treat-dispensing toys which can help your puppy with mental stimulation and keep your pup occupied for hours!

You could also explore some rope toys for the classic game of tug of war!

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